Secret Tips for Successful Wardrobe Shopping!

How many outfits do you really wear? My hubby once told me I only wear 20% of my wardrobe – that certainly got me thinking…

Wardrobe shopping – when done correctly is one way of making sure those favourite pieces you never wear but can’t throw out get to see that lovely light of day once again!

These Secret Tips for Successful Wardrobe Shopping are a must read for any woman!


What is Wardrobe Shopping?

  • It’s going through your own wardrobe
  • It’s creating new looks with old clothes
  • Its saving money on buying unnecessary items
  • It’s staying trendy on a zero budget
  • It’s combining what you have in different ways – thinking outside the box

So how does it work?49008503-happy-woman-choosing-clothes-in-wardrobe-girl-customer-shopping-in-mall-shop-fashion-clothing-sale

Here 4 Simple Secret Tips for Successful Wardrobe Shopping:

1) Have a quick look through your whole wardrobe to refresh your mind re what you own.

2) Get inspiration

This used to be mainly only with magazines or people watching but with Social Media we have so many more outlets available.

Blogs: a wonderful extensive list of 40+ Bloggers

Pinterest is a great way of getting inspiration for how to wear a particular item – you can simply type that in (i.e: jeans and go through all the pictures that come up deciding which look you like best). You may even have a favourite famous person who’s style you’d like to follow.

Instagram – hashtag what you are looking for,alternatively some useful hashtags are #lookoftheday #lookbook #iwillwearwhatilike #fashion over40

3) Using the inspiration create new combinations.

Break up suit combinations, think of combining unusual colours or layering differently. Even wearing a cardigan back to front could be fun!

4) Each day for the coming week wear 1 piece that you haven’t worn for at least 6 months.

This may mean wearing summer in winter – but who cares. I recently read you should wear tights with sandals – love it – trying something new…I may just do this tomorrow 😉


Here are 4 of my recent “wardrobe shopping looks” – haven’t worn these skirts in ages:



Having read this I’d love to know what type of woman are you? The  Wardrobe Shopper or are you a Capsule Wardrobe woman?



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