One Suit 3 Looks

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Last week in Hamburg a green suit really grabbed my attention. The fact that green is the official colour for 2017 was of course at the back of my mind. In addition it seemed perfect for Spring business meetings where you want to look properly dressed and yet not too formal or Wintery.

Wearing it during a tour of the Steinway & Sons piano factory (link to post) someone took a photo of me which  looked like I was wearing a doctors uniform. Oh no! Had I bought wrong?

Back home I played around a bit and have since decided it was a great purchase. Helped by the fact that my hubby said “Oh you are wearing something decent for a change”. Of course he had a cheshire cat’s smile on his face at the time (hahaha).

One Suit 3 Looks

Moral of the story is to always try styling clothing in different ways to really decide which looks best as well as get the most out of each item you own.

Look 1

Fairly classic look with the suit and top all from Closed – teamed up with favourite high wedges and bag found in G31 in Zurich

The hat is vintage – a summer essential in any wardrobe.

The bag is from a Zurich designer – Räelle. So fabulous to find such a stylish piece from a  young local designer. G31 also has this in pink.

Spot my favourite cluster of rings from Zurich designer Mir Design. These are really worth investigating as so reasonably priced with real stones.


Look 2

Teaming up the suit with blue top and blue mules.

Picture taken in Luzern at Chateau Gütsch which really does have the best views over the city.

Shop mules here:


Look 3

It’s all about “funking” up the suit with an oversized white shirt.

Shirt bought in Zara whilst on Glatt Centre Shopping tour (post here).

Of course this look made me skip a little – haha!

To recap:

Suit Closed

White T-shirt Closed

Bag and Wedges G31

Blue T-shirt Blue Illusion

Rings – Mir Design

…added bonus – the jacket worn separately on trip to Ticino – full story in next post!


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Hi! I’m Yvonne, a 40 something (wink) Kiwi, living in Zurich. I love fashion, travel, shopping and food – believing chocolate will cure almost anything!

    1. Hahaha – of course I told him – I think he thinks it’s extra funny because he can say what he likes and I do what I like anyway – oops 😉
      Once he said he didn’t like something so I didn’t buy it. He asked me why I didn’t buy it – I told him. He thought I was mad,stating if I never bought what he didn’t like I would hardly have anything to wear ever 😉
      So I went back and got it.
      xoxo Have a fab day

  1. Very good suit. You are right, a lovely purchase. I love style one and three equally. Especially with the three colours: green, white and the tan (?) of the pretty bag. The second styling is good too. I would have liked an element of white in it. The edge of a white shirt peeking out at the top? Or a white belt? Something to bring a little light and another colour in the picture. How about this suggestion? Makes any sense?

    1. Hi Greetje, That’s a great suggestion – thank you.
      The light was really bright when we took the second outfit but your suggestion is great – I will try adding white to the outfit – maybe a white necklace?

      xoxo Yvonne

    1. Thanks Abril, I agree on the colour front. Whilst I love black and white, sometimes it is nice to get a colour in the wardrobe.

      Have a wonderful Easter,

    1. Thanks Sweetie – think it’s my favourite too. Although the blue tshirt actually looks much better in real life than on the photo.

      Happy Easter
      xx Yvonne

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