Milan Fashion Week SS19 – Hottest Trends Spotted on the Runway

Milan Fashion Week SS19 - Hottest Trends Spotted on the Runway

Hi Everyone,

This has been such an exciting Fashion Week with barely a moment to breathe. So far seen 10 amazing shows, really getting a fab insight into the top trends for Summer 2018.

Colour of course being a hot item especially neon tones. Leopard print is here to stay, maxi lengths and lots of plastic nuances for a bit of fun. The hoodie remains an item. Stripes are finding a new more colourful life – really hoping the high street fashion houses pick up on that trend!

Frills, lace and one shoulder tops or dresses filled almost every runway. An interesting comeback was the knee length leggings worn under longer tops – are we really going back to this early 2000 trend?

Time to get your figure in shape, it’s all about showing off pinched in waists with belts. Don’t despair if that’s not your thing though as there’s plenty of cool leisure wear with emphasis on casual chic, to choose from too!

Shorts for every ocassion are simply a wardrobe must have but this is true already for this coming Winter!

Keep scrolling for a pictorial account of Milan Fashion Week SS19 – Hottest Trends Spotted on the Runway.


Milan Fashion Week SS19 – Hottest Trends Spotted on the Runway


Milan Fashion Week SS19 - Hottest Trends Spotted on the Runway


Milan Fashion Week SS19 - Hottest Trends Spotted on the Runway


Milan Fashion Week SS19 - Hottest Trends Spotted on the Runway



Antonio Marras




Hope you enjoyed this very brief overview of the shows I visited Milan Fashion Week SS 2019 Day 2 and 3.

All photos taken by me.

Stay tuned for more Milan Fashion Week news – see what’s in store next Summer 2019!

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With Love from Milan!


nb: all photos taken by and property of

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Hi! I’m Yvonne, a 40 something (wink) Kiwi, living in Zurich. I love fashion, travel, shopping and food – believing chocolate will cure almost anything!

  1. Your dress looks great!
    Milan, was mostly disappointing but I did see a few nice things.
    Love the neutral, simple hair and makeup. Except the bangs, which flatter very few people.
    Love the nude/peekabo shoes at Antiprima, and the shoes at Fendi. I hope a vegan company picks up these designs but makes them shaped like a healthy foot. (Correct Toes shape.)
    Love the blue & green skirt at Antiprima. Flattering, distinctive and I expect that it has great movement. (Maybe it’s an unfortunate tank dress, but it works minus the tank.)
    Nothing wrong with the occasional high waist in a comfortable fit, in cool temps, but having lived through this summer, I will not add most high-waist clothes to my wardrobe for next spring/summer because it usually doesn’t work in hot weather.
    Shorts, like short skirts, invite scrutiny. Of course, now is the time to start a head to toe skin regimen to look better next spring and then decide about shorts and how often to wear them.
    I like midi coats, especially for (waterproof & vented) rain wear, and I like long blazers, if they aren’t a re-run of a previous decade, and especially without lapels.
    I am always on the lookout for something innovative or utterly timeless, in a color so flattering that it makes me look good without makeup, machine washable, comfortable, no sweatshops, no wool, no angora, no cashmere, no silk, no leather, no fur. Beauty is not pain. Pleasure, comfort, agility and kindness are beauty.
    I pass on neon, unflattering colors, shoulder pads, cinched waists, ruffles on shoulder seams, contrast stitching, one shoulder, bulky, retro, contrived or uncomfortable looks. This Milan collection makes me want to go minimal and modest. I bet the models asked for very few of these pieces.

    1. Thank you for the dress complement dear.
      I loved Milan, I love the fact that things had moved away from Gucci (even if I do love Gucci myself), it was simply nice to see more than one brand dominating Fashion Week in Milan.
      You’ll be pleased to note the Paris seems to be getting rid of the high waist!


  2. What fun Yvonne !! I love the sea foam blouse and seafoam green and blue stripe dress by Anteptima ! I would totally wear that xx

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