How to Make Your Dreams Come True

How to Make Your Dreams Come True - Save the Children

Hi Everyone,

Monday evening I was invited to the Save the Children charity concert held in the Tonhalle in Zurich. It was truly one of the most moving experiences I have had in awhile. Sitting there with the wonderful music. The absolute highlight – in my opinion – being when 12 year old Justin Friedrich Eichhorn was on stage playing the piano. He even treated us to one of his very own compositions – simply amazing.

The evening started with Adrian Forster, CEO of Save the Children Suisse talking about children and their dreams. He had recently visited Afghanistan and spoken to children there about their dreams. Many had dreams of becoming doctors and nurses and teachers. Most likely because this is what the country is badly in need of. However the sad truth is that many of them will never be able to fulfil their dreams.

Most likely if you are reading this article you will not be in the situation of those children in Afghanistan. I am not saying that life is easy for you. We know that life throws us all challenges, sad times and happier times. However your mind is a powerful thing and there is one thing you too can do to make your dreams come true.

Keep reading to find out “How to Make Your Dreams Come True”


How to Make Your Dreams Come True

How to Make Your Dreams Come True - Save the Children
12 year old Justus Friedrich Eichhorn after his performance.
  1. Have the dream

This sounds much easier than it actually is. Whilst it is ever so easy to concentrate on what is frustrating us in life, turning it around and finding out what we want can prove to be difficult.

Please note that these guidelines are for dreams that involve you. Not dreams such as winning the lottery or stopping a World War (unless you currently have a great political position).

The good news is that once you have truly figured out what you want you are already half way there.

How to Make Your Dreams Come True - Save the Children

2. Stick to the dream

Each night when you go to bed think of your dream, think of what the end result should look like. Give it time and stick to the dream that you really want.

After some time the how to reach your goal/dream will also come forth. Then it is time for step 3.

How to Make Your Dreams Come True - Save the Children
3. Action

Time to start putting your dream into place. You have it figured out in your dreams and now it is time to actually take action.

Nothing will happen unless you yourself do something. Note most dreams take hard work so prepare yourself.

How to Make Your Dreams Come True - Save the Children

4. Believe in yourself

Important in this step is to believe in yourself. Do not ask anyone else if they think you can do it. Simply tell yourself you can and then you will be fine!

Having friends or mentors to talk things through could be a good idea as it makes you feel less alone. However do not ask them to judge your capability.

How to Make Your Dreams Come True - Save the Children
Here with dear friend Beatrice from Ask the Monsters
5. Keep on trucking on

Reality is that realising even the greatest of dreams is going to have periods of setbacks. It might take longer to get to your end goal than you expect – this is normal. You might make mistakes along the way – this is normal you can learn from them! You might hear the word “no” often – this is normal and means the yes that finally comes will be all the nicer.

Simply keep on going and believing and dreaming your end goal as you go to sleep.


Wishing you all the best making your dreams come true.

Remember you are never too old to dream!

How to Make Your Dreams Come True - Save the Children

All pictures taken from the Save the Children Suisse charity concert held on Monday. It is a charity I personally have huge respect for. Children are the future.

If you would like to donate for Christmas you can start with as little as CHF 20 and every 1 CHF counts.

Your chance to help a child less fortunate than you also potentially realise their dreams:

Save the children

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Please note – this is NOT a sponsored post.


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