What Makes Swiss Canton Vaud Wines So Special?

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Last week I had the amazing experience of being a member of the final jury for both the “Platin-Lorbeeren von Terravin” and “Trophy Escargot Rouge”. Both prizes are given to the best white wine and red wine respectively from the Swiss Canton Vaud. More about these  competitions further down.

The absolute highlight of the day for me was when my vote actually became the deciding factor for the winning red wine. Wow – did that ever make me feel important – smile.

Swiss wine has certainly come a long way since I first moved here. I love trying Swiss wines from whichever region I visit. Many of them come with incredibly interesting stories. Plus their price points tend to be much more favourable than comparable wines from many other countries.

Keep reading for more about “What Makes Swiss Canton Vaud Wines so Special?”


What Makes Swiss Canton Vaud Wines so Special?


Canton Vaud is the second-largest wine growing region in Switzerland. Now known for its fruity-fresh white wines of the Chasselas grape variety.

Terravin as such is no competition, it is a quality stamp certifying the best white wine of the canton Vaud. Around 40 professional wine tasters control the wines applying for this quality stamp. Only 50 – 65% of the wines submitted actually ever get the quality stamp. The controls are very strict. So you can be certain that when you buy a wine with the Terravin quality stamp on it you are certainly buying a very good wine.


Platin-Lorbeeren von Terravin

The Platin-Lorbeeren von Terravin is however the best possible certificate for wines from canton Vaud.  Twice a year the Platin-Lorbeeren prize is given to the best wine of the region. In the past both red and white wines competed against each other for this prize. However this year it was all about the white Chasselas wines.  Trophy Escargot Rouge has now been set up especially for red wines.

Winner of last weeks Platin-Lorbeeren prize was: Cave du Consul Laurent et Nicolas Martin, La Cote AOC, Perroy Grand cru, Bérollon Le Consul-

available online here – be sure to check you have the wine from 2021


Trophy Escargot Rouge

This is the first year for the Trophy Escargot Rouge. For this years prize wines were carefully selected from vintages 2019, 2020 and 2021.

Wines from each of these years are said to have special characteristics resulting from climate conditions:

2021 – a rainy Spring but lovely Autumn resulting in high quality ripe grapes.

2020 – started very cold so there is not as much wine as other years. However the hot dry Summer meant the wine that was cultivated is of good quality.

2019 – a very heterogenic wine year with wines of an acidic note – similar to that of 2016.

As a member of the jury I can honestly say that the winner of the Trophy Escargot Rouge this year really was fabulously smooth and well rounded. I felt it was the one wine that really differentiated itself from the other 7 reds we tasted.

Winners of last weeks Trophy Escargot Rouge prize were:

  1. Category Original: Helix, Vaud AOC, ORIGINAL, 2020 – available online here

1. Category Selection: Domaine Le Luissalet, Vaud AOC, SÉLECTION, 2020 – available online here

Read more about Trophy Escargot Rouge here.


Our wine tasting/judging morning was followed by a fantastic wine – food pairing lunch at the Hotel Widder.

A little preview of what we ate here:


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