How to Have a Magically Minimalistic Christmas

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Just last week my dear friend Alexandra from Styled Home Objects invited me to her shop all excited to be showing off her wonderful new Christmas set up. I too was super excited to see how Alexandra had decorated her store for Christmas. To me she is the one person who absolutely has the best style ever when it comes to interior design.

However as I walked into the shop my first reaction was to say; “where are the Christmas decorations?”. To which Alexandra replied “everywhere, don’t you see them?”. My reply; “NO”. She explained to me she doesn’t like kitch, she likes Christmas decoration when it is natural.

This really made me think. I took photos as we had agreed and then went home to work on them. Later showing my photos to a couple of friends I get the reaction “wow how beautiful”.

Remembering that when I had seen Alexandra’s home earlier this year I was so in love with it. Wishing I had as much style at home. Now realising that in order to get there you do have to be strict with your interior design choices.  This also starts with how you decorate your home over Christmas.

I am not saying you should decorate your home minimalistic over Christmas – lots of us love the Christmas kitch. However if you are after a stylish yet minimalistic Christmas home then Styled Home Objects is certainly the best place to go to in Zurich for inspiration.

Read the full article for “How to Have a Magically Minimalistic Christmas”. Giving you a few tips and links to products also available online.


How to Have a Magically Minimalistic Christmas

  1. Make use of the nature

Use pieces of nature like these pinecones instead of traditional Christmas decorations.

2. Pretty glass is always a good idea

Keep a clean yet magical theme going by adding stylish glass candle holders. A great selection of glass candle holders can be available online here.

The great thing about glass candle holders at Christmas is that they can be used all year round – not only at Christmas time.

3. Stick to a subtle colour theme throughout

The candle glasses above are olive and this year in Alexandra’s store you will see she has carefully placed this olive and neutral colours throughout the store – giving it a sense of calm beauty. Something we can all do with at home, especially during the busy Christmas season.

Olive glass candle holder available online here. They also come in topaz and grey.

4. Use colour co-ordinated cushions

You can see that olive theme repeating here.

A beautiful selection of cushions available online here. The olive green cushion – a new colour for 2022 –  is available online here.

5. Use linen to decorate your table

The most fabulous trend today is to have natural looking linen on your table. No more the need to iron everything to perfection. Today it’s about letting linen show off it’s natural structure.

Some beautiful table & kitchen accessory inspiration available online here.

Wishing you lots of fun making your home as you like it for the festive season!



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