How to Let 2021 Shape Your Shopping Habits for the Better

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If one thing is certain it’s that 2021 started off like no other year before. The current pandemic and subsequent consequences has certainly left me thinking a lot about many aspects of life. It has made me feel truly grateful for the good things around me. It has also left me reflecting when it comes to the material aspects of our lives including fashion.

Fashion weeks saw a major change last year that will no doubt have a bigger impact on fashion and how fast it moves than anyone initially thought. This month in Milan there are only 4 physical menswear shows – the rest digital. This may mean more people get to see the shows, however it also means street style will shrink back hugely.  As a result fashion too will slow down. It has already due to many of us not being able to go out as often as we used to. However in future the continual new furiously fast fashion trends will be taking a back seat. Without street style inspiring the masses, many will remain with the tried and tested.

This may sound doom and gloom but it could actually be one of the best things ever. Without the need to grab the hottest trends in the cheap high street stores we can now free ourselves up to buying special pieces that really touch our hearts. Those that will stand the test of time. This my dear readers is what sustainability is really all about.

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How to Let 2021 Shape Your Shopping Habits for the Better

How to Let 2021 Shape Your Shopping Habits for the Better

2021 should be focused on buying quality. Items we truly love that have a story behind them. Place emphasis on supporting local stores where possible.

It was with this in mind that I started the FunkyForty Favourite Shops page last year. Each shop has been chosen with care. They all have a very cute story behind them and I personally shop there. This year I will be continuing to post monthly updates about my Favourite shops. The number of shops on the page will be strictly limited so that it doesn’t become overwhelming.


January 2021 Favourite Shops Update:

How to Let 2021 Shape Your Shopping Habits for the Better

The picture above shows me wearing things from 3 of my Favourite shops:

The outfit is from Golden Carrot Shoes and More – so pleased to announce she now also has an online shop with international shipping. The coat is currently on sale at -30%. Check out the awesome boot selection too. In my opinion she has the best boots in the whole of Zurich. Each pair is extremely well made and original.


The earrings are from Suenia Zurich – a super pretty jewellery label set up by two sisters. The collections change each season and are reasonably priced so you can have lots of fun teaming up different combinations. They also make the perfect Birthday present for your “Bestie”.

How to Let 2021 Shape Your Shopping Habits for the Better


The Bag is from my self taught artist friend Caroline DeChamby. She is such an inspirational woman who has let none of life’s hurdles get in the way. When the going got tough she worked hard and managed to be a successful solo Mum of 2 children paying for her life with her art.

How to Let 2021 Shape Your Shopping Habits for the Better


Much of my winter has been spent wrapped up in winter white

– thanks to this wonderful Alpaca coat from Aqvarossa. A young Swiss brand that came to be as a result of one of the founders spending time studying in Peru. This cute greed dress is also made out of Alpaca, super warm with a touch of sexy.

How to Let 2021 Shape Your Shopping Habits for the Better

Note the bags too:

– the pale blue one (bottom left hand side) was bespoke made for me by Orlando Maquinier – certainly worth a trip into Zurich to see his store. Such a wonderful selection of coloured leathers. Orlando also has special courses where you can make your own bag. A great thing to do together with a friend.

– the black bag is from Atelier Avanzar. Made by women for women in Ecuador. Funds from each bag sold go to the Atelier Avanzar foundation. Helping women in need and sick children in Ecuador. It’s not only about donating money, it’s also about educating women and empowering them for a better future. I am so proud to be a part of this organisation.


A silk love affair

It was during my stay at Villa Principe Leopoldo earlier this year that I was introduced to Vanessa Martinelli. A super inspirational young woman who has set up her own original jewellery and silk garment company. Believe me once you see the original designs you simply can’t help but fall in love.

How to Let 2021 Shape Your Shopping Habits for the Better


Bespoke handmade eyewear

I tend to keep my glasses for a very long time – in fact the last pair lasted almost 7 years and I wore them every day whilst working or watching tv. So why not invest in a bespoke pair of super light carbon glasses completely handmade in Switzerland by Marcus Marienfeld.

How to Let 2021 Shape Your Shopping Habits for the Better


Something for our wellbeing

Winter months have typically been the time when my nails are perpetually split and hair suffers hugely. However taking the Formetta collagen supplement has really helped. Especially with the current uncertain situation I truly believe it’s extra important to keep ourselves as strong and healthy as possible.

There are many collagen supplements on the market at present but Formetta has been created by Australian born Vanessa who originally only designed it for herself. When her friends noticed the positive effects they also wanted some and so a business started.

Use the code FUNKYFORTY to get CHF 21 off your first order.

How to Let 2021 Shape Your Shopping Habits for the Better


Last but not least:

A presto fashion – a great one stop shop in the Witikon shopping centre. Owned by an ex ballet dancer Gisela who has a real passion for fashion and her clients. This is a one stop shop for every taste, size and budget. Unfortunately she has no online store but do watch new pieces popping up on her instagram account – send her a direct message and she will ship to you.


Check out the Favourite Shops page for regular store updates!



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