From Runway to Street Style with Vivetta!

Hi Everyone,

A little throwback to the Fall/Winter 2017 Vivetta show in Milan last February. One of my favourite designers. How fabulous to discover that very collection to be available in Modissa in Zurich!  Too tempting not to try out wearing a little Vivetta of my own… Totally going from runway to street style with Vivetta!

Keep scrolling to see how two pieces have made three great new looks!


From Runway to Street Style with Vivetta!

Look 1:

From Runway to Street Style with Vivetta!

OK I’m a little shorter than the lovely model above so it looks a little different but I still love it.

I’ll have to confess too, to not first looking back at how it was styled during the show otherwise I might have tried the belted theme. All the same I quite liked the fact that tucked in it almost looks like a jumpsuit.

From Runway to Street Style with Vivetta!

From Runway to Street Style with Vivetta!

Such a bold pattern so I decided to play it safe and team with black. I adore the feeling of the fabric – it simply doesn’t crush but still has a little weight to it.

Look 2:

Next I had a play wearing each item separately…you’ll have to tell me which look you like best…

From Runway to Street Style with Vivetta!

The shirt is just the perfect length to wear over leggings.

From Runway to Street Style with Vivetta!

Really love the collar and cuff details…

From Runway to Street Style with Vivetta!

Simple black Boss Blazer, left over from my corporate days.

Look 3:

Decided the trousers and a jacket made for a perfect evening look…

From Runway to Street Style with Vivetta!

From Runway to Street Style with Vivetta!

From Runway to Street Style with Vivetta!


There you have it Sweeties. Do you have a favourite look? Are you inspired to try something a little different too? In any case I can certainly recommend a trip to Modissa to see the other lovely Vivetta items they currently have in store!



Sneak look at Vivetta Summer 2018:


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Wishing you fabulous fun trying something new!


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This post is written in collaboration with Modissa but all opinions are my own.

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  1. Absolutely , hands down fabulous ! Love the color , pattern , mix it up potential , the flow ! I’d say you’d get a lot of bang for your buck and you look like a supermodel in these pictures 💜💫💜

  2. I have to say that I like your take on the ensemble better than the runway, no lie. I like the blouse tucked in and I like the fact that the trousers are longer on you. I would have been very tempted (had I any money left) to copy you. Which wasn’t the case with the model. I also like the top on the leggings. The third styling isn’t my favourite. Too me the jacket and the trousers are items which are too different without a “trait d’union”(practise your French haha). Something I don’t feel with the second outfit. Stange.
    All in all you did very well with this purchase.

    1. Hi Greetje, I love your comment. A little secret (of course no longer secret once I write it here – haha), but when I looked at the photos I did think to myself that the jacket is too long for the trousers and in future I would wear it with a shorter jacket – too late for this photo shoot. I think that is also what disturbs you about the look. Close eyes and imagine a shorter slim fitting velvet jacket on top…I am convinced that would be soooo nice 😉

      Happy Wednesday sweetie xx

  3. Awesome to so a runway outfit in “real life”, i.e. on an actual person! I love how you have played with the top and bottom to try out different looks. Very creative!

    1. Thanks Emma – that Gucci bag seems to be going with everything 😉
      I am too short to make the top work untucked but thanks so much for your kind words 😉


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