The Surprising Secret to Wearing Yellow!

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Fall is a time when streets are a sea of grey and black. So now is the perfect time to grab your piece of yellow and dazzle the world wth it! Anyone that’s been watching street style pictures from the last Fashion Weeks will know too that yellow is a real favourite this Fall especially when it comes to coats.

Street style spotted in Paris.

Yellow however has a reputation for not suiting everyone. People are often very cautious about wearing it in case they get the wrong shade that simply doesn’t suit them.

Well sweeties, it’s time to throw that notion right out the window! Funny enough it was the results of this outfit shooting that brought home a surprising secret to wearing yellow!

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The surprising Secret to Wearing Yellow

Paris Fashion Week totally convinced me it was time to add a yellow coat to the wardrobe.  Then when it arrived I couldn’t wait to get it out and photograph it.

Pulling out my favourite yellow pieces – shirt and jacket. Note that each and every piece is a different shade of yellow.

I realised a long time ago the truth about wearing yellow is the inner soul. Wear it with confidence and you are fine! The shirt is incredibly bright but when I wear it, it is meant to make a statement so this is fine!

All is going well so far until…

Until I decided to team it with a blue blazer. The surprising secret to wearing yellow is you can wear it happily but do not try to team bright yellow with a dark shade close to your face.

See the difference for yourself…

Note how the all yellow makes a statement and is calming at the same time. The added navy layer added gives the whole look a very harsh edge to it and in certain lights drained all colour from the face.

In summary:

Make the best Yellow impact by wearing all your yellows together!

Coat details:

Coat bought from Heine, see their current collection of yellow coats:

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Bring some Yellow into your Fall!


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  1. I wanted to order a yellow sweater yesterday but didn’t t because it doesn’t look good on me! But I love the colour and it looks great on you!

  2. I so totally and utterly disagree with you. There is absolutely nothing wrong about the outfit with the navy jacket. No face drainage at all. That notion must be in your head as it sure doesn’t show in the photos. I wear yellow with darker colours a lot and love it. And I am as critical about my outfits as youare, if not more. Both outfits look perfect. I love yellow. It brings sunshine in your life and in the street.

    1. Ha, think the issue is I used a good photo with sun on the face. Seriously yellow, navy, yellow is not a good combination… but thanks for saying you think it looks nice:-) Think my Mum was trying to say the same as you in her comment…I love the way you tell me exactly what you think👍

      Have a fab weekend

    1. I got so many comments (also not on blog) from people thinking navy and yellow were ok after all – oh dear – but to be honest I think the problem lies when you go yellow, navy, yellow…too much of a bumble bee effect – smile!

      Happy weekend xxx

  3. You look so gorgeous in this yellow color! I love all of the yellow I’ve been seeing this season. I totally need to stock my closet with some of these pieces. SO cute!
    Thank you for linking up this week!

    ~xo Sheree

  4. I just LOVE this post. The yellow is so vibrant and I so agree with you, wear it with confidence! It certainly suits you. I have quite warm, olive skin so have to be careful with yellow. But there’s always a yellow that will suit each and everyone of us. A Great share for this time of the year, thank you. x

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