How to create the cutest Summer 2018 outfit!

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When it comes to fashion, the ultimate best thing about Summer 2018 has got to be the current top trends! Throw together a touch of ruffle, gingham and stripes. Add a pop of yellow and you’re ready to leave the house in todays top trending look!

Is it really so easy though? Of course you can probably combine any of the items mentioned above and come out with an “OK” outfit. However there are a few simple tricks to really creating the cutest Summer 2018 outfit. Follow these tips and You too will be skipping down your local streets! (Photos please)


How to create the cutest Summer 2018 outfit!

Tip No 1: Colour

Choose cheerful bright colours. Each piece should be a combination of that colour and white. I have chosen blue and white and red and white. Pink and white or purple and white would work just as well as long as they are bright versions of this colour. Pastels will not have the same vibrant effect.

Can’t believe my luck in spotting this bike whilst on our photo shoot. It even had a little yellow necklace hanging off it – as though the bike was telling me it wanted a photo!

Tip No 2: Combine top trends

Summer 2018 is all about ruffles, stripes, gingham and off the shoulder. So cheerful and so easy to simply combine and include in one outfit.

Tip No 3: Yellow

Yellow is the new black for Summer 2018. A pair of yellow shoes and some sort of yellow bag are simply a must have! Wear the two together with almost any outfit and you’re already on a winning streak!

Tip No 4: Dare to ditch the dress!

Not totally of course. Wearing dresses in Summer is great fun and a simple no-brainer getting dressed exercise. However a dress is not ever going to give you the same “k-zoom” look as a well put together 2 piece outfit! Take the time to think of an outfit in your mind and dare to ditch the dress. Try a skirt and top combination this Summer!

The whole outfit except for the clutch (Max&Co – last year), is c/o NA-KD


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    1. Thanks Maria, so glad you liked the post. I always think it’s much more fun to wear things with a little edge yet still look stylish at the same time.
      Have a wonderful day!

      xoxo Yvonne

  1. Yvonne, I am dying over this look! It is so fantastic. Seersucker and gingham with a yellow octopus print?! Yes, ma’am! I am loving these asymmetrical skirts this season, too. I tried a few on the other day and they were not so flattering on my figure…so I will just swoon and admire yours! Fabulous. Thanks so much for linking up at #SpreadTheKindness and for making me smile with this perfect summer outfit!


    1. Hi Shelby,

      Perhaps you should try seersucker as a skirt and then the gingham as a top – I bet this works for you!
      Shame you are not in Zurich otherwise I would certainly be styling you 😉
      Although of course I also love your styling tips on your blog – I am sure we would have some fun together.

      xoxo Yvonne

  2. Cute gingham style outfit, perfect for summer, I really like the color combination!

    ~xo Sheree

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