Colours and Mood: How to Choose Your Mood and Feel Good!

Colours and Mood: How to Choose Your Mood and Feel Good!

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The colours we choose to wear affect us more than we think. We associate colors with so many different things – they have meanings beyond simple visual stimulation. Some studies even suggest that we feel colors more than we see them.

Interestingly, the same colour can mean different things to different people. You may have had a bad experience whilst wearing a particular colour. Hence going forward that colour has a negative association for you. Or vice versa and you associate a particular colour with happiness.

Choosing color that makes you feel great is such an easy way to boost the happiness factor in your life. I used to wear a bright pink and orange striped cardigan to work under my suit – unbelievable, at a Bank even! It would cheer me up in stressful situations. When I changed departments the funniest thing happened. My old boss visited me one day, in the hope I would be wearing that cardigan. He needed cheering up!

How about going one step further though and having one ring that can change colours whenever you want it to – a fabulous concept by

Keep reading to find out more about colours and mood: how to choose your mood and feel good!


Colours and Mood: How to Choose Your Mood and Feel Good!

A mini colour definition follows this but first let me tell you about and the mood ring.

The beginning:

An idea founded on a train journey from Lausanne to Paris by multiple award winning jewellery designer Cédric Chevalley. The idea to create a ring of minimal aesthetics but infinite possibilities for customisation.


In 2013 Stéphanie Pousaz and Arlette Bélat joined forces to give the brand a whole new dimension. Stéphanie had worked alongside the designer from the beginning and Arlene  has a super interesting background including elite sports, interior design and founder of a sustainable luggage brand. Two power woman in the making!

The concept of the mood ring:

The base steel structure consists of two separable elements that support and retain the central ring called the addon.

There are a selection of different colour and thickness of bases to choose from.

Then there is a huge range of addon’s to select from giving the owner total freedom to design a ring that is unique to them.

Plus super easy technology for changing the ring addon in a matter of seconds.

My personal favourites were pink and purple – two moods I often find myself in – smile!

…feeling pink:

Colours and Mood: How to Choose Your Mood and Feel Good!

…feeling purple:

Colours and Mood: How to Choose Your Mood and Feel Good!

Why not have a look at the mood website yourself and design your own favourite ring?

Mini colour definition:


Want to get someone’s attention? Red is your color!


Like red, orange draws attention and energy, but it’s a little more soothing.


Sunny shades of yellow are the perfect thing to cheer you up on a bad day.


Shades of green are calm and soothing, or can symbolise hope.


Blue can be both peaceful and calming as well as cold and standoffish. It’s a good colour to resort to when stressed.


Regal and sophisticated, purple is associated with creativity and luxury.


Pink is associated with romance and happiness.


A little pick me up:

For anyone having a bad day, you might like to read the following:

11 Tips to Boost Your Mood and Be Happier


This article was written in collaboration with but all opinions are my own. I personally love wearing my ring and changing the colour almost daily depending on my mood – smile!


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Change your mood with a mood ring today!


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  1. I like those rings very nice especially when they brighten you up when you are feeling down which is really nice to have love it

  2. Yvonne, I have been fascinated by color theory and how it effects mood for as long as I can remember! And it so true that when people wear certain colors, it can lift their own mood as well as the mood of those they encounter throughout the day. I do wear a lot of black but love to accent it with lots of bright colors!. Such a fun post and how fun are mood rings, too! Thanks so much for sharing at my #SpreadTheKindness Link Up!


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