Converting Spring Favourites into Fall Must Haves

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Hands up if you have the most extensive wardrobe ever and don’t need to give limiting closet space a second thought… If your hand isn’t up then keep on reading – this post is for you!

OK, hands up now if you have items in your wardrobe which you bought in Spring and love so so much but you couldn’t wear them in Summer because they were too warm and now in Fall they seem to be a little too thin to wear. The good news is you CAN wear these items now – it’s all a matter of how you combine them.

In this post you’ll see one of my favourite Spring purchases converted to Fall and 3 outfits put together that you can buy now and again in Spring 2017 (just combined a little differently).

Converting Spring Favourites into Fall Must Haves

Here my favourite dress bought in Spring:

Converting Spring Favourites into Fall Must Haves

I wore this dress in so many different ways – here with blue Allstars. I would dress it up with black pumps and little bag for the evening. On one trip to Burgundy I used it for both day and evening wear by teaming it up with some red for fun during the day…

Converting Spring Favourites into Fall Must Haves

Converting Spring Favourites into Fall Must Haves

Then the lovely Summer came and this dress was left in the cupboard as it was far too warm for a lovely hot Summer day.

With dropping temperatures  I love being able to wear it again  but by simply adding boots and a warm jacket the dress looks so different, even my friends have been asking me if it is new.

Converting Spring Favourites into Fall Must Haves

Converting Spring Favourites into Fall Must Haves

Converting Spring Favourites into Fall Must Haves

Outfit details: Dress Maje, Jacket Zara, Boots Navyboot

3 Outfits for both this Fall and next Spring:

1. The Black and White Look

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This dress is the same cut and brand as the one I’m wearing above. Because of the delicate fabric booties have been chosen instead of over the knee boots  for Fall and then lovely black loafers for Spring. The cape adds extra warmth without hiding the dress completely.


2. The fun casual look

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I have this dress – see Instagram post, the jeans jacket and sneakers are for Spring whilst remaining items form a great fun look to wear now – the jumper is in danger of getting into my own shopping basket (eek).


3. Something for the office

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This is a great office look – have several shoe options as from personal experience I found boots too warm in the office. The sneakers are a fun option if you suddenly have to walk miles in between buildings. The loafers are too cute – also in danger of being bought by me. Love the grey military cape to give the whole look a trendy feel whilst the long grey cape is more contemporary and the leather jacket very matchy matchy – which is a theme that’s here to stay.


This post was in part inspired by the blog 50 is Not Old as she currently is doing a small wardrobe challenge. This is a super cute blog with daily outfits – always fun to look at.


Please note that links to vendors may be affiliate links. I do benefit from your purchases through the links on the blog. The suppliers are Global so regardless of currency shown the article should be available in your country too.

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  1. I love posts like this!! You show a great item and new ways to style it. What girl couldn’t use more options?! Thank you!!😍

  2. Love the way you dressed this up and down. Our temps are still so mild here so dresses are definitely the easiest way to show a little fall flare but not smother.

    Shelly||The Queen in Between

  3. I love seeing posts showing how to transition our wardrobe year round. These are all really fantastic looks, Yvonne. I especially like this dress styled with your military jacket and boots. Thanks so much for linking up with Fabulous Friday!
    A Pocketful of Polka Dots

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