7 Fun Ideas to Make Your Home Lift Your Spirits

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We’ve all heard the expression “my home is my castle” however now more than ever our homes have become the castles where we really do spend most of our time. This makes it even more important to place emphasis on turning our homes into our “happy space”. A place which makes us smile and feel at inner peace with ourself

There has certainly been a movement recently to total home refurbishment but turning your home into your happy place doesn’t always mean such drastic measures.

Recently I met Liisa the lady behind the interior design web shop Maru design. Originally with finance background, like me she also left her regular job to pursue her passion. A passion around interior design. All pieces in the web shop have been carefully selected and with the exception of the Alpaca throws they are all made in Europe. The designers are mostly women producing things on a small scale. Liisa’s focus is a real tribute to women helping women.

Many of the tips and tricks in this post come from Maru design. However the pictures are all of my own home and the ideas are those that I myself use to make my home my happy place, without breaking the bank – smile!

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7 Fun Ideas to Make Your Home Lift Your Spirits

  1. Fresh flowers

7 Fun Ideas to Make Your Home Lift Your Spirits

Whenever you visit me you’ll always find fresh flowers in a vase – it is almost a trade mark you might say. It is the one thing that makes me smile each morning. I love trying different colours and types of flowers depending on my mood and of course what’s currently in season.

I also like to put them in different locations or different vases so the place doesn’t always look the same. It’s a small nuance which makes a big difference to me.

Above I tried something different by placing a regular glass vase into a felt box (available here) for special effect.


2. Add an item you love in each room

7 Fun Ideas to Make Your Home Lift Your Spirits

It doesn’t always have to be a big item. Even adding something little like a special vegan soap (available here) in your bathroom can bring that extra cosy feeling to your home.


3. Have inviting home baking on display

7 Fun Ideas to Make Your Home Lift Your Spirits

This is a delicious gin and tonic cake – recipe to come on blog this weekend so stay tuned. It is placed on a special ceramic plate (available here). I also put a glass dome on top to keep the food visible yet fresh. Sometimes I like to pretend I live in my own personal bakery – perhaps it’s because my Dad was a baker – smile!


4. Add a pretty coloured plaid for colour

7 Fun Ideas to Make Your Home Lift Your Spirits

I love the blue of this Alpaca plaid (available here in a variety of colours), because it really brings out the blue in our carpet and adds a bit of pep to the otherwise neutral decor.


5. Have bits and pieces such as magazines and throws nicely organised


7 Fun Ideas to Make Your Home Lift Your Spirits

Confession – despite moving into this digital world with grace I have a true love for printed magazines. It drives my family crazy, especially as the piles grow because I become too attached to throw them out (I am getting better at this).

Having found this wonderful felt box solution (available here) certainly made other members of the family happy – smile!


6. Set up a special stress free area in your home

By this I mean a space that is always clear of clutter and feels airy yet comfy at the same time. For us it is the lounge. We each have work clutter in our office or room but this common space is sacred. It’s a space I always feel I can really breathe and simply relax without clutter or mess to distract.


7. Follow your heart not the trends

7 Fun Ideas to Make Your Home Lift Your Spirits

Furniture, is just like fashion in that it has trends that come and go. However usually you keep your furniture much longer than a particular trend is likely to last so it’s important to choose wisely. Stick to a home design that you know you will like even if it is not the current trend.

You can still add trendy nuances like the ceramics above (available here). Also if the current trends are what you like then you are in luck. If not either wait it out or stick to getting something that you like even if it isn’t the current trend.


Wishing you all lots of fun making your home your happy place!

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