5 Spring 2021 Pieces 8 New Outfits

Hi Everyone,

Do you buy your wardrobe in themes or simply shop and buy whenever you fall in love with an outfit? Pre-blogging days I was always very strategic about buying clothes. At the beginning of each season researching  the main trends of the season. Then deciding which trends to follow. Having done the pre-analysis I would buy about 5 new good quality pieces which were worn extensively throughout the season to come.

This truly is the best strategy you can possibly have to cultivate an ever growing quality wardrobe. The pieces bought were always ones I had totally fallen in love with so they lasted for many years.

When thinking about Spring 2021 the colour green, trouser suits and flouncy skirts spring are all hot topics. This post takes these themes and using 5 new pieces creates 8 fun outfits to see you through Spring.

The pieces are:

  • Skirt,
  • Jacket,
  • Pair of trousers,
  • Top and
  • Spring Coat.

All currently available at www.goldencarrot.ch,  also international shipping.

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5 Spring 2021 Pieces 8 New Outfits

  1. Skirt with Blazer

5 Spring 2021 Pieces 8 New Outfits


2. Skirt with Spring Coat

Necklace Natkina – available here

5 Spring 2021 Pieces 8 New Outfits


3. Skirt and Top on their own/with scarf

5 Spring 2021 Pieces 8 New Outfits

Love the perfect photo bomb…


4. Skirt with Blazer on it’s own

5 Spring 2021 Pieces 8 New Outfits


5. Jacket and Trousers on their own

5 Spring 2021 Pieces 8 New Outfits


6. Suit worn with Top

5 Spring 2021 Pieces 8 New Outfits

Love wearing this with my cute Caroline Dechamby bag – available here


7. Trousers and Top on their own


8. Trousers, Top and Coat


Shop Now:

Clothing available at Golden Carrot Shoes and More,


+41 78 848 28 23



Bag – available here

Glasses – available here

Ring and Necklace – available here



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Hi! I’m Yvonne, a 40 something (wink) Kiwi, living in Zurich. I love fashion, travel, shopping and food – believing chocolate will cure almost anything!

  1. Thank you very much dear Yvonne for your blog and your colour combination look absolutely superb and very chic loved it very much thank you again

  2. Oh gosh Yvonne, this suit is soooo gorgeous on you. I love the colour, the cut, the crinkle. And the shoes!! and the bag!! All items are so lovely, I am drooling.
    I would buy the suit and the shoes but it is very high waisted and I have a short torso. Not the best combination.

    1. I also have a sort torso – you are so lovely and tall I think it would look fabulous on you (but that’s just me – smile).

      Have a fabulous weekend xoxo

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