7 Daily Secrets to Happiness and Reduced Stress

7 Daily Secrets to Happiness and Reduced Stress

Hi Everyone,

One of the most interesting things about happiness is that it is a choice. It is not something that is given to you and you have no control over. In fact it is quite the contrary. Happiness is something each and every one of us has control over!

Research has shown that only about 10% of our happiness depends on our situation. So where does most of our happiness come from?

Some people have a naturally happy nature. We all know people who are cheerful and optimistic most of the time. Then there are those born with a personality more on the grumpy side. Often seeing faults in others instead of good. Hormones also play a huge factor in happiness.

The good news is that by simply following these simple recommendations you will certainly find your own happiness and reduce your stress levels. Even if you belong to those born with a more grumpy personality. These tips will affect your hormones as well as your inner well being, are super easy to follow and easy to integrate into almost every busy schedule.

Keep reading to find out “7 Daily Secrets to Happiness and Reduced Stress”.


7 Daily Secrets to Happiness and Reduced Stress

7 Daily Secrets to Happiness and Reduced Stress
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  1. Happy Movement

We all know exercise is good for you and that those training for special sports events have very rigorous training schedules planned. However the good news is that happy movement is about moving in a way that makes YOU happy.

For some this will mean doing a full blown work out, for others this will be a lovely walk along the beach or in the nature or simply doing a bit of gardening. The choice is yours.


2. Good Sleep

Sleep is our time to heel and replenish our whole body and is certainly not to be underestimated.

If you have trouble sleeping a good tip is to put a special night time ritual in place that will get you ready for a good nights sleep. Switch off all electronics at least half an hour before sleep.

You might also like to try doing some simple bed yoga exercises to get your mind and body ready for a good nights sleep – see here.


7 Daily Secrets to Happiness and Reduced Stress
Dress Henriette Steffensen, Pouch COSY SUNDAY
3. A Plant Rich Diet

This does not mean you need to become a vegetarian, however eating a healthy portion of colourful fruit and veggies each day will give you the vitamins and nutrients needed for a happier disposition.

There are also things called “Happy Herbs” that can help support us in times of mental, physical or emotional stress. See here for more about this.


7 Daily Secrets to Happiness and Reduced Stress

4. Playtime

As children we love playing with friends and tend to do this whenever we can. Then we grow into adults, everyday life takes over and there seems to be no time to play.

However I challenge you to do something a little fun each day – even if it’s just jumping into the lake fully dressed or dancing around your kitchen table naked. Believe me it makes a difference.

I often gallop around the house like I am riding a horse. Everyone thinks I’m crazy but it makes us all laugh – so mission accomplished – hehe.


7 Daily Secrets to Happiness and Reduced Stress
5. Mindfulness and Deep Breathing

You often hear that in moments of stress people with say, “take a deep breath”.

Well it turns out there is much more behind this. Did you know that simply taking the time to consciously take a deep breath, allowing yourself to inhale fully and then slowly and softly exhaling, is the fastest way to calm your nervous system and bring you into the present moment.

Try to take 5 minutes of your day to do this and notice the difference to your happiness and stress levels.


7 Daily Secrets to Happiness and Reduced Stress

6. Gratitude

Taking time out each day or even starting the day thinking about 5 things you are grateful for will put your mind in the ride mood for happiness.

Did you know that it is impossible to feel grateful and stressed at the same time?


7. Stand in Sunshine

Go outside stand in the sun, feel the lovely warmth on your face… doesn’t it feel great. It is also the best source of vitamin D which is said to be the “happy vitamin”. Probably why many of us dream of Summer time right throughout the year.

In summer I take 10 minutes almost every day to lie outside in my bikini. I put the timer on. This makes a huge difference to how I feel.

Fun fact – letting your tummy see the sun is said to be the absolute best remedy for jet lag.



Be the master of your own happiness and try these 7 small steps each day for a promised happy and reduced stressful life!



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