6 Powerful benefits and the value of handwriting

6 Powerful benefits and the value of handwriting

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Handwriting is something that has always fascinated me. Possibly due to the fact I grew up in a world pre computers and mobile phones. All the same I used to find it so interesting to see how my best friends – the artistic ones – all had a similar hand writing. One could say almost fashionable at the time.

I also remember how shocked I was when I first visited a Swiss school at the age of 8 (I grew up in New Zealand). There the students had to still write with fountain pens  – something which had long gone in New Zealand. Having said that, it was on that trip I decided it was a good idea to start using fountain pens also at school in New Zealand. You can imagine the funny looks the other kids gave me.

This also makes it clear why Landolt-Arbenz with their beautiful collection of all sorts of pens, became one of my favourites shops as soon as I moved to Switzerland as an adult!

Taking things a little further I find it ever so interesting to learn that there are some very powerful benefits to handwriting. Funny how something we consider as every day routine can really be hugely beneficial to our overall well-being.

Keep reading for “6 Powerful benefits and the value of handwriting”.


6 Powerful benefits and the value of handwriting

6 Powerful benefits and the value of handwriting
Pens in pictures: Top Row: S.T. Dupont “Derby”, Visconti Van Gogh “Shoes”, Yard O Led VICEROY
Bottom row: Aurora 88, Visconti Casa Batllo, Montblanc Master
Pictures taken from the Landolt_arbenz Instagram page
1. Handwriting is hugely beneficial to the brain

Like any other part of the body the brain also grows weaker when it is not used fully. Studies have shown that reading books, writing letters and keeping mentally active protects the brain in old age.

Reading handwriting even requires quite a different skill from simply using a typewriter. I just read in the USA people are concerned that if they don’t teach cursive writing in schools children will no longer be able to read their Grand parents birthday cards.

Handwriting stimulates both the logical and artistic sides of our brains.

When was the last time you had to make the effort to decipher someone’s difficult hand writing?

Some doctors even recommend handwriting as a cognitive exercise for people who want to keep their minds sharp.


2. Writing by hand helps you remember – especially useful when studying for exams

Interestingly studies have shown that students who take notes during lectures remember the information better than those typing notes into a laptop or tablet.

It may be slower to write things down by hand but it forces you to write it in your own words which helps you understand things too.

Writing notes by hand is also the most effective way of learning for exams. Be sure to make concise notes with key words. This is much more effective than simply writing down huge amounts of text. Your notes should be short enough to read over and over again before any exam.


3. Handwriting can be a useful tool against anxiety and depression

Handwriting slows down our thoughts, boosting mindfulness and increasing calm. The effect on the brain can be similar to meditation.

Studies have found out that writing about stressful experiences by hand leads to more benefits than typing about the experience.

Writing by hand is so effective in combating depression and anxiety that it’s often recommended by therapists.


4. Boosts creativity

Writing things down by hand is proven to boost a persons creativity. I remember whenever I had to make a powerpoint presentation for work I would draw it by hand first in order to get it right. This way the presentation always had a much more creative and powerful edge to it.


5. Writing by hand improves your prioritisation skills

When you write things down by hand you generally only write the main points down. I often write lists of things that need to get done and then look at the completed list and prioritise by writing numbers beside each item.


6. Handwriting improves your focus

Such an interesting fact that handwriting also helps children with ADD or AD/HD, because learning cursive improves a students’ concentration.

The process of writing uses a part of the brain that acts as a filter to block any irrelevant information. When you form letters on paper, you’re able to concentrate better and your brain considers carefully what’s written.


6 Powerful benefits and the value of handwriting

How to ensure you write more:

If you want to start doing more fitness one of the best incentives ever is to buy yourself a new training outfit.

The same goes with handwriting – if you want to get into the habit of writing more by hand, why not buy yourself a beautiful new pen – smile!

My tip:

Paradeplatz / Poststrasse 10
CH-8001 Zürich



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