6 Monochrome Outfits to Fall in Love With!

6 Monochrome Outfits to Fall in Love With!

Hi Everyone,

There is something about monochrome outfits. The mere simplicity of wearing outfits of all one colour or shades of the same colour simply works every time. The easiest way to turn your outfit into a real statement – make it monochrome.

This Winter we see a lot of bright colourful monochrome outfits being the hype of the season. Personally I have my eye on something bright pink. At the same time, being very aware that whilst wonderful, bright colour trends do tend to come and go with the wind. One season it’s pink, the next orange and so forth.

However more neutral tones stay forever. They truly never reach that “totally out” status when it comes to fashion trends. You never hear of one camel tone being hot one season and another tone the next. In fact to the contrary – camel features every Fall/Winter.

Today’s post I’m sticking to more neutral tones. These pieces are worth investing in as they will stay en-trend for years to come.


All pieces in todays post are from the new Winter 2022 collection available at Laden 70.

A great boutique located about 15 minutes from the centre of Zurich. Their specialty is  personal shopping. The perfect place for the busy business woman – make a time which suits you and get great professional styling advice.

Phone: +41 44 836 99 20


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6 Monochrome Outfits to Fall in Love With!

  1. The simple cream sweater with trousers and boots

6 Monochrome Outfits to Fall in Love With!

It’s always good to have a fresh looking easy “goto” outfit like this ready in your wardrobe.

I’ve fallen in love with this sweater in particular… see another way to style it next.


2. Pleated skirt and teddy coat

6 Monochrome Outfits to Fall in Love With!

A good chunky sweater and pleated skirt combination will always make my heart melt.

It’s the teddy coat that’s really got me with this outfit though. I can imagine wearing it with jeans, black trousers or even over a pretty cocktail dress.


3. Going for a black and grey monochrome look

6 Monochrome Outfits to Fall in Love With!

I often read that wearing all black is ageing. However adding a speckly grey/black sweater makes all the difference to this outfit.

6 Monochrome Outfits to Fall in Love With!

Don’t tell me this sweater is ageing – haha!


4. The darker camel poncho and puffer coat

6 Monochrome Outfits to Fall in Love With!

What I find so useful with this outfit is that the colour of the boots and puffer jacket is pretty much identical. Meaning you could wear them with pretty much anything and your outfit would look well put together and complete.

I’ve got a thing about ponchos this Winter.


5. Tones of grey

6 Monochrome Outfits to Fall in Love With!

Wearing all grey like this is something new for me. However each time I look at it I like it that little bit more. The long cardigan with tassels is a great piece to also wear over cocktail dresses. Dressed down with jeans is another possibility.

As for the suede trousers – one pair of suede trousers is simply a must have this Winter.


6. Camel and tassels

There’s something empowering about this oversized tassel sweater. I could also imagine wearing it with shorts, thick tights and knee high boots. Or over leggings and boots.

6 Monochrome Outfits to Fall in Love With!

Unbeatable cosy-chic would have to be my final words about this outfit.


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All outfits available at Laden 70

Opening times:
Wednesday – Friday 13:30-18:30
Saturday 10:00-14:00
or 📞 044 836 99 20 for an after hours/ personal shopping appointment



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