5 Top Tricks to Styling Palazzo Pants

5 Top Tricks to Styling Palazzo Pants

Hi Everyone,

The Fashion industry has been trying for years to tear us away from skinny jeans towards wide legged, palazzo trousers. This Spring it looks like they are finally getting their way as we see this trend hitting the streets big time!

Perhaps it’s also a reflection of the current move towards home and comfy wear. This dressy pant style really fits so many requirements. They can be just as comfy as sweat pants, however look much more stylish.

There are however a few simple tricks to making the most out of your palazzo pants outfit. Keep on reading for “5 Top Tricks to Styling Palazzo Pants”.


5 Top Tricks to Styling Palazzo Pants

5 Top Tricks to Styling Palazzo Pants

  1. Length

Whilst the 7/8 length for pants is still a top trend, when it comes to palazzo pants these should be worn as long as possible. The longer length will also make your legs seem longer. Especially if the pants are high waisted. Mine are not so high, they sit just top of the hips but imagine if they were high waisted. The legs would appear even longer!

2. Tuck in

Wear your top tucked into the trousers – at least at the front. Palazzo pants are made to rule the outfit and this way you still let them have the main say to your look.

5 Top Tricks to Styling Palazzo Pants
3. Simple top

Team your palazzo pants with simple slimline tops. The pants are so floaty that it’s good to bring the whole look back to perspective with a simple slim t-shirt.

5 Top Tricks to Styling Palazzo Pants

4. Team with a longer blazer or jacket.

Especially important if you have wide hips. Whatever you do make sure that the jacket or blazer worn over your palazzo pants covers the widest part of your body. This will elongate the whole look.

5 Top Tricks to Styling Palazzo Pants

5. Go for print

There are also plenty of plain palazzo pants available. However if you want to get the most out of your pants and have a real statement effect, choose a lovely print. It takes some courage at first.

I always find myself thinking I won’t get much wear out of them if I choose a print. Yet history has proven that these bold prints become fabulous statement pieces in my wardrobe for years to come. Important is that you choose both a print and colour you love!


Outfit details:

Blazer – Phisique du Role (Italian label, 99% polyester and washable CHF 349 – email yvonne@funkyforty.com if you are interested).

Pants – Violet Fish (currently on sale here)

Buy similar outfit here:


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Have fun practising the “5 Top Tricks to Styling Palazzo Pants”

With Love


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  1. very nice and you look absolute fabulous in those palazzo pants I also love the material it has a very nice comfy look

  2. This is a great outfit. And… very comfy as well.
    I have a few wider trousers now (not all pallazo but wide anyway) and I find that hemline ever so difficult. It has to be just right. So usually they only go with one pair of shoes (shoe height). Whereas 7/8 trousers could be worn with any kind of shoe. So I am not very much in favour of this beautiful and comfy look for that reason.

    1. Thanks Gretje.
      I know totally what you mean – that’s why I never wore them as an office outfit but for casual I love them even if they traipse ever so slightly along the floor – smile.

      Have a great weekend,
      Yvonne xoxo

  3. Yes! Palazzo pants–tricky to wear!
    Of all that you mentioned, length is the most important!
    my only issue is whether to style with more fitted top or looser top….now you’ve solved the issue of the looser top for me–just do a tuck in!
    xo Eva

  4. Thank you for this advice! Ok. I confess to having a pair of pants very similar to the ones you are styling, lurking in my wardrobe, which I haven’t yet worn! I purchased them on a super hot day with the best of intentions! But they are certainly not what I usually wear and finding the right top and shoes has been difficult! My tees were all too long so the tuck may just be what I need!

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