Chilling Out – Just as Important as Being Active!

Chilling Out - Just as Important as Being Active!

Hi Everyone,

Recently I’ve finally decided to take heed to the whole notion of simply chilling out. You won’t believe the difference it has made!

So much emphasis is placed on staying fit and active. Yet it is the balance of both being active and resting – or chilling – that is the most important. I remember as I was working in the corporate field, the company I was working for at the time issued Fitbits’ to all employees to encourage better health. Initially everyone was getting hyped up about how many steps they were taking each day. However it didn’t take long for this hype to be totally switched round. Many people noticed it wasn’t their lack of activity that was causing problems – it was lack of proper sleep and rest. The ability to chill had to be re-learnt.

Especially now, in times of Coronavirus uncertainty, it is  important to be able to take time and train ourselves to chill properly. Harvard scientists have found that relaxation by meditation or other methods actually switched on “disease-fighting genes”.

Keep reading for more about chilling out – so much more important than we think! Plus a few personal tips of how to chill successfully.


Chilling Out – Just as Important as Being Active!

Chilling Out - Just as Important as Being Active!

Chilling out can also be considered “strategic renewal”. Taking time out to simply relax or do what you feel like boosts health, productivity and work performance.

When we relax our body is resting and happy. We immediately get boosted levels of feel-good chemicals and growth hormones. These in turn result in a lowered heart rate, improved digestion, oxygen levels, memorably, immunity and fertility plus many more benefits.

5 Tips on how I managed to chill

1. Let Go

If you worry about something that you can’t change. Let it go, whatever happens will happen, simply deal with the end result. Sometimes it might also mean letting go of work. If it is not a pressing deadline, give yourself a break and finish it the next day.

2. Write things down

When you think of something you need to remember or get done, simply write it on a list so you don’t have to worry about forgetting it.

3. Laugh

Each day think of something funny to do or laugh about. Today my Hubby put my shoes on MR H, our resident Bear. It made us all laugh and relax a little despite the current overall situation.

4. Take time each day to speak to a friend

Give yourself conscious social time where you can sit back and relax having a chat with someone.

5. Introduce your own personal daily chill time.

I have introduced daily lunchtime baths – these have made such a huge difference to each day. Especially with the new Kneipp “chill out” bubble bath. The perfect way to chill regardless of how stressful my morning was. The new Kneipp “chill out”  products have been especially formulated and contain a combination of Hemp Seed oil and Patchouli oil.

Chilling Out - Just as Important as Being Active!

Hemp seed oil is known to aid in the healing of skin lesions, balance dry skin and inflammation.

Patchouli oil has a grounding and balancing effect on the emotions and banishes lethargy, while sharpening the wits, fighting depression and anxiety.

I love the smell so much that I have also begun my days using the matching shower gel.

Buy online here:

Kneipp Chill Out Bubble Bath CHF 6.90 – available here

Kneipp Chill Out Shower Gel CHF 6.20 – available here

Kneipp Chill Out Face Mask CHF 4.80 – available here



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Chilling Out - Just as Important as Being Active!With Love and virtual hugs!

Remember: Chilling Out – Just as Important as Being Active!


Note: this is a sponsored post but all opinions are my own.

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