5 Essential Spring Styling Tips!

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Saturday is perfect for shopping so read these 5 Essential Spring Tips quickly before going out and hitting the shops – smile!

This week there was another lovely personal styling event with Melanie Albisser at Modissa in Zurich. She gave us all some more great tips with regard to Spring Styling. This is the 2nd styling event of the season. Last time (link here) the focus was on shopping tips for every shape and the following 5 topics were covered:

  1. Trouser cuts
  2. Colours
  3. Stripes
  4. High Waists in general (trousers and skirts)
  5. The Oversize Trend

This post covers 5 new tips essential for Spring Styling.


5 Essential Spring Styling Tips!

1. Jackets

This Spring jackets should be either really long or bomber.


Most important is the length – any jacket over a dress should be either waist length or at least as long as the dress, if not a touch longer. When wearing jackets over trousers make sure it does NOT stop at the widest part of your body..


2. Thin Fabrics

Thin fabrics must be worn floaty / wide and NOT fitted! This Spring is all about lovely thin floaty fabrics – essential in every wardrobe this coming season!


This blouse is a lovely example of this years thin fabrics.


3. Long Cut Blouses

Unless they are made of extremely thin fabric like the one above, don’t try to tuck them in. You’ll only add unnecessary stomach width – smile.


Instead have fun with them, let them be comfy and worn out over carefully chosen trousers.


4. The Pleated Skirt

The Pleated Skirt is essential in every wardrobe – you just need to be careful how you wear it. Simple and waisted should be left to the super skinny. If you’re on the look out for a pleated skirt that will make you look slimmer go for one that has the pleats sewn down partially from the waist down – as in picture.



5. Long Dresses

Long dresses make you look longer. Gone is the saying “I am too short to wear such a long dress”. Plus long dresses are a must have this season…I’m going to once again show you my personal favourite and I am short – smile.



Small Event Gallery


Next Styling Event:
Picture Modissa Official

Wednesday 12th April from 6:30pm

Register online or simply send me an email to yvonne@funkyforty.com (this way you’ll be on my list for events all round)


Thanks to Modissa for the lovely event, Melanie for your Styling tips. All clothing shown in this post is currently available at Modissa, Zurich.

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  1. I am a bit somber as I keep hearing that skinny trousers are definitely going out of fashion… And they suit me so damned well. Of course I will ignore it for the time being, but in the end you don’t want to look outdated, right?

    1. You know I know the fashion industry is trying to make them outdated but people keep on wearing them – I believe the general public will prevail on this one so you are safe in wearing skinny trousers… they will probably go out of fashion as soon as house prices drop – hahaha

      xxx Yvonne

  2. I really need to get a floral print bomber jacket, it’s been on my list of things to buy for ages. The coral leather jacket in the top photo is gorgeous and I love the novelty bag. You look fab in the floral maxi dress, the red boots go so well with it.

    Emma xxx

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