20 Favourite Spring Looks Over Past 5 Years

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Being bound to home has really made me think about my wardrobe even more. I was wondering how fashion really had changed since starting the FunkyForty blog.

Looking back at the photos was ever so interesting. Seeing how some pieces simply get worn year after year. Some pieces I since passed on to my daughter, others are still hanging in the wardrobe at the risk of soon being liquidated. Then there are those pieces I will hang on to as long as they last.

What about your wardrobe? Have you made the most of our stay at home time by reflecting about your current wardrobe? Do you ever challenge yourself to wearing everything you have? Creating a new look each day out of your existing wardrobe?

Keep reading for a little preview of 20 favourite Spring looks over past 5 years….


20 Favourite Spring Looks Over Past 5 Years


20 Favourite Spring Looks Over Past 5 Years

Top left is still in wardrobe and still worn but not together. The same with top right. I bought that skirt in London in 2016 and my family hated it because it is so long but I love it and it comes out each Spring/Summer since.

Bottom left is a Ralph Lauren dress also bought in London that year. It’s still in the wardrobe… not sure whether to liquidate. The shoes are long gone but of course I still have the bag. Bottom right – the tee and shoes are still in wardrobe.



20 Favourite Spring Looks Over Past 5 Years

All of these pieces still exist in my wardrobe. The pink skirt was bough on holiday in Dubai. Green suit bought in Hamburg and the blue tee was gifted by Ann&Line.

The top on top left hand side is in danger of being liquidated – bought that year in H&M.

As you can tell, 2017 was the year mules started coming into my wardrobe…



20 Favourite Spring Looks Over Past 5 Years

Both the dress top left and skirt bottom right above have  been passed on to my daughter. Note the same skirt bottom left as in previous year – this one is a keeper!

The outfit top right is my standard look when photographing on the race track. I like to make sure I am visible so always wear something bright red on top and red sneakers!

2018 saw leopard print come back into my wardrobe… The yellow jacket is about 9 years old, bought in London and always worn from time to time.



20 Favourite Spring Looks Over Past 5 Years

Jumpsuit top right from paradis des innocents – one of my favourite Swiss designers. Top left the trousers are from 2017 and trench new from 2019 – Tara Jarmon.

The bags in 3 of the pictures are all from Atelier Avanzar – made in Ecuador by women for women with profits going to a foundation that helps women in need and sick children.

Bottom left is a very old suede jacket from Zara that I love to pieces. Bottom right I’m wearing the most practical culottes ever found in Modissa years ago.

2019 saw kitten heels come back into my wardrobe.



20 Favourite Spring Looks Over Past 5 Years

Both outfits on the right are from a lovely Italian label Phisique du role. The print on the dress is based on antique china from Africa. I always feel so dressed up yet comfy when wearing them. There are 13 stores in Switzerland selling Phisique du role but in case you are interested in any of their Summer collection – see here – you can email yvonne@funkyforty.com for home delivery within Switzerland during the COVID-19 home lockdown.

The skirt top left is a souvenir from New Zealand in January earlier this year. There is a fun story behind the bag – see here.

Bottom left I’m wearing a shirt from Vivian Graf – see her online store here The pink bag  is from Atelier Avanzar.



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Wishing you lots of Spring wardrobe fun.


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  1. All your outfits, all 20 are still current and ever so good. That is why our closets get so full. Every season we buy a few items that are really ever greens and we don’t throw those out haha.

  2. a very nice Collection and most of those are for sure not only for on season and you can dress those up that makes them versatile using very practical love it

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