14’490 KG Chocolate walking through Zurich!

image172’958 Blue Suitcases, each containing 5kg chocolate distributed at Lindt & Sprügli AGM this morning.

Here the effect this had on Zurich’s town centre:

Looking back at 2014 – 7 key facts:

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Proof that Chocolate cures almost anything – look at the smiles! 

Other interesting facts:

  • 33% Women on Board of Directors!
  • Both women were voted back for another year by 89% and 90.4% – higher than the % achieved by any of their male counterparts!
  • Lindt & Sprüngli is growing at a rate that would require another medium sized chocolate factory each year – this has been accounted for by the extra land bought with Russell Stover.


In case you’re wondering – this is not a sponsored post – it is simple evidence of my love for chocolate and Lindt and Sprüngli!


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