The secret of stress free perfect packing!


There are 6 easy steps to follow – which result in:

  • Stress free packing
  • The right clothes whilst away
  • Less luggage
  • Less washing and unpacking once back.

Now for the 6 easy steps:

1. Plan ahead – at least 5 days in advance think about what outfit you would like to wear each day. You normally have a bit of an idea about the types of things you will be doing so imagine yourself doing these things in an outfit that will make you happy.

2. Write it down – as soon as you know in your mind what you want to take, make a list of all items including underwear etc – this way when you actually get round to packing you don’t have to stress about potentially forgetting something.

3. Bulky items should be part of your going away and coming home outfit – i.e. coats, boots, any thick jumpers.

4. Fold things carefully – making them as flat as possible – this way they take up less space.

5. If you know you are going to go shopping for cloths pack one day less than the amount of time you are away.

6. Pack for a maxim of 7 days  – if you are away longer you will most likely have the opportunity to wash and if not it won’t hurt to wear the same thing twice – small stains etc can be fixed with a spot of hand washing.

If you want to be really anal you can even pack each day in a separate plastic bag – sounds extreme but makes life much easier whilst away.

These are the packing tips which have saved me so hope they help you too!



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