YouMo: The e-bike which really has all the features!

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It all started 8 years ago when a 14 year old boy come home and asked his parents for a moped to drive to school as there was such a steep hill to get there. This got his environmentally conscious parents thinking. His Father, Knut, was in a career transition phase at the time. Studying Business Engineering at the HSG. As part of the course he got to travel the USA and China. In China Knut was perpetually confronted with electro-mobility. Cultivating a love of the concept, in particular the positive environmental effects of e-bikes versus petrol driven mopeds and scooters.

Cutting a long story short, what started off as a simple request ended up being a life changer for the whole family… I was lucky enough to test drive the result.

Keep reading to find out more about YouMo – the e-bike which really has all the features!


YouMo: The e-bike which really has all the features!

Time to start the tour and find out more. Knut told me he had made extensive studies of existing e-bikes. Noting all the positive features he could think of and then adding some more to cover what he and his family would want in an e-bike.

Here is a description of some of the features I really loved:

Removable Bike Computer

Positioned on the handle bars you see the little bike computer. Easy to slide off when the bike is parked and the bike won’t run without it.

Hydraulic disc brakes so you benefit twice

Every pull on the brake not only slows the bike, but kinetic energy flows back into the battery!

Energy the moves you further

A 540 watt hour battery pack provides power to travel up to 120 km depending on how you drive. You can even carry a 2nd battery to get you even further. This fits in neatly where you see the bag in the picture below.

Upcycled accessories

OMG being the bag fan I am – imagine especially designed up-cylced bags for in-between the centre bars and on the side as well…Made from truck tyre inners by the company Schreif.

Broad Wheels

Flat balloon tyres which were fabulous in shock absorption as we were driving on gravel along the Limat.

Automatic light control

Set to automatic the automatic light control turns front and back lights on and adjusts to the current light conditions.

The seats

The most comfy bike seat ever!


Our trip

The YouMo e-bikes are so pretty I decided there was a certain amount of dressing up to be done whilst riding it in order to do the bike some justice. This caused attention by several onlookers, including our local cows – haha!

We started our ride through the fields near where I live. Then down to the Limit …

Carrying on all the way into central Zurich…

With our final destination being the lake of Zurich.

With the absolute highlight of the trip for me being the way home. We always have a very long ride uphill which I will confess to nearly always partially walking up.

This time I literally zoomed up…even bet my hubby. This never happens but I had a decent head start and he only just caught up with me at the very end – hehe!


Find out more about YouMo plus the possibility to test one yourself here.


This post has been written in collaboration with YouMo but all opinions are my own.


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Organise your YouMo test drive today!


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  1. I love the post and review
    We have an e bike and my daughter is just heading off to work on it now but I think I’m going to consider going on it for my work too ! You’ve given me the jolt I need Yvonne . Well done . I find your posts so genuine

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