Gingham the Winter Wardrobe Must Have!

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Did you also always think gingham was a desginated Summer print? It has been for me but in recent seasons gingham has had something of a resurrection. Making it the cool woman’s all year fashion alternate to either stripes or tartan. In fact these days a piece of gingham in your Winter wardrobe could be considered a must have.

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Gingham the Winter Wardrobe Must Have!

The trick to styling gingham in winter is to team it up simply. No fancy play on extra patterns. Simply add any block colour and let the gingham work for you.

Believe it or not this was photographed last week on a fabulously sunny day. Temps have dropped dramatically here since so a long thick black coat would now be worn over everything to complete the outfit.

Love wearing over the knee boots with almost any skirt or dress this Winter – saves having to be too picky about stockings and always keeps legs toasty warm.

When choosing your piece of gingham be as experimental or safe as you like – from deconstructed shirts to statement ruffle skirts and wide leg pants. Just keep the rest of your outfit relatively simple. It works wonders in breaking up an otherwise all black outfit.

Don’t be put off by flimsy fabrics in Winter. We all know how warm it is indoors. Provided you have thick enough coat and jacket layers, a thin dress is also perfect during cooler months.


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    1. Ha ha – remember when I only owned two dresses and that was all I wore every day, one pink gingham and one red gingham dress.
      Both made by my Mother and then she made one for you too.

      Love Yvonne xxx

    1. Thanks Jodie xxx
      I had to laugh when I read my comment from an old friend of mine reminding me how I was addicted to gingham when younger 😉

      Have a wonderful week xxx

  1. Hi Yvonne. I totally agree that you can easily wear lighter items in winter, provided you have got a warm coat or nice high boots like yours. Especially in Switzerland temperatures indoors are pretty high and in the classroom I move so much that I also tend to wear lighter items a lot. I love your phrasing of the toasty warm legs! Have a great week! Love, Lieske

    1. Thank you dear. I always worry about my daughter when she goes to school but you have reassured me that it is also warm in the classroom 😉

      Have a wonderful week too xx

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