Wardrobe Shopping for Non-Black!

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It happens to us all I’m sure – as soon as the weather gets colder we automatically reach out for anything black in our wardrobes – black trousers, jackets, tops, coats, shoes… you name it black is back! In any case while this year black really is back and it’s quite accepted to wear all black day in day out, there are still those days when you really want to escape any black at all.

Wardrobe shopping for non-black!

Three easy steps to coming up with a great outfit that has absolutely no black in it:

1. Firstly set your mind into black elimination mode.

2. Start with a non black bottom or dress and then work from there.

3. Make sure there is an element of matching with each other piece you choose.

For extra fun have a wardrobe party with one of your friends to come up with a great non black outfit…that’s how this outfit came about – smile – thanks Jenny (check out her cute instagram account)


I had already re decided to wear these faux leather trousers and booties. I have been wearing these all Spring/ Summer as they have a pink inlay at the back but with the zip closed you don’t see the pink and they then match perfectly to these trousers.



It was Jenny who spotted this very vintage blouse in my wardrobe and gave me the inspiration to team it up with the trousers. The blouse has a touch of camel from the trousers in it. As the blouse is blue I chose this blue bag to go with the outfit.

The only colour missing now to complete the matching concept is a touch of burgundy…


We decided this burgundy duster coat completed the outfit perfectly.


Feeling inspired? It’s your turn now to go into your wardrobes and come up with a non-black outfit – smile!

Alternatively here are some non-black items items to shop:


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  1. It was so much fun wardrobe shopping with you! You have a real great wardrobe (swooon!!!) I think we came up with a beautiful combo. Xoxox

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