Wow! A Whole Week Dedicated to Empowering Women sounds fabulous doesn’t it.

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Did you know if you asked women over 50 in the 1980’s what they wanted for the rest of their lives the answer would be “good health and an enjoyable time with their partner”. The answer was pretty similar if you asked men.

However the same question asked to women today and you will get a totally different answer. Women in their 40 – 50+ today are ready to embark on a new adventure.

A Whole Week Dedicated to Empowering Women

Come and join in on 5th floor Modissa, Zurich – timetable here – all week from today through to 4th November.

The event is open to all women with sessions covering topics such as:

  • Financing your own business with a Microcredit – Verien GO
  • Think Tank idea generation (event in English)
  • Planning for your future – Bank COOP, CMK advice
  • Styling – Melanie Albisser
  • Successful Business planning
  • Women Back to Business – HSG St Gallen
  • “Solopreneuer” – how to successfully launch your own business koncept
  • Starting new – a panel discussion

Today lunchtime saw the launching of this brilliant week dedicated to the new ambitious woman – a collaboration initiated between Kathrin Puhan from Start up Frauen  and Jean-Pierre Kuhn, CEO Modissa AG  .


A Whole Week Empowering Women
Left Kathrin Puhan, Start up Frauen

A Whole Week Empowering Women

A Whole Week Empowering Women
Jean-Pierre Kuhn, CEO Modissa AG

A Whole Week Empowering Women



A Whole Week Empowering Women
Yvonne Feri, Politician



Don’t forget to register for the individual events here

I am definitely going to a few of these!


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