The Scarf with a Love Story

The Scarf with a Love Story

Hi Everyone,

Today I’m wearing a beautiful alpaca scarf with a love story behind it.

Before I go into the story here a few fun facts about alpacas:

  • Did you know that alpacas often get confused with llamas.  Whilst they look similar you can actually tell them apart as alpacas are much smaller than llamas. In fact they are  about half the size.
  • Alpacas also have straight, pointed ears, while llamas’ ears have the shape of bananas.
  • Most importantly, alpacas have fine, soft fibre, while llama fibre is much coarser.

Enough of my fun facts for now. Keep on reading for the full story about “The Scarf with a Love Story”.


The Scarf with a Love Story

The Scarf with a Love Story

It all began when a young Estonian man named Kristjan, travelled to Peru some 15 years ago on a quest to learn Spanish. One day, while visiting the Peruvian Andes mountains, he spotted alpacas. Curious looking furry mammals he most certainly had not come across on the plains of Estonia. He was so fascinated by the softness of their wool that it was love at first sight.

Kristjan then found out more about this beautiful alpaca fur at a local market. Having done the research, his mind was made up. He had found his calling and decided to settle in Peru to start manufacturing alpaca yarn and fur.

The Scarf with a Love Story

Today this idea has become the company ALPAKA with production in both Peru and Estonia. The temperature in the Andean highlands, Peru varies from -20 to +20 degrees, so, alpacas need to adjust to both hot and cold conditions. This is also the reason why products made from their fur can easily be used in all weather.

ALPAKA uses the alpaca wool from the Peruvian highlands and fur from animals that have died of natural causes.

Did you know alpaca wool is:

  • 7 times warmer than sheep’s wool
  • As silky as cashmere
  • Highly breathable and lightweight
  • Remarkably durable (strong, does not pill easily)
  • Naturally hypoallergenic
  • Water and dirt-repellent (a win for parents and pet owners!)

ALPAKA scarves are currently available online at MARU Design starting at CHF 115.

The large shawls are the best value ever – in my opinion – at only CHF 200 for these incredibly soft, luxurious pieces of alpaca.


Stay warm this Fall/Winter




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  1. Hi dear Yvonne thank you for your blog I love those beautiful Scarfs they look so nice and warm and also very stylish with every thing you are wearing

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