The Best 3 Bags for a City Trip

The Best 3 Bags for a City Trip

Hi Everyone,

Autumn is such a great time for weekend city breaks. The weather is not too cold but cold enough that you don’t mind spending time doing cultural activities such as visiting museums.

However packing right for a weekend or simply short city trip can get tricky. More often than not such a trip involves hand luggage only. My initial reaction to “hand luggage only” is – not a problem it’s only 2 or 3 nights away. Then comes the realisation that I like to dress up for the evening, have swimsuit for the spa, plus running shoes and sports gear. Careful planning is needed and having the right bags is not to be forgotten.

Bags, like shoes, can end up taking up half of your suitcase. In addition, if not packed carefully you can end up ruining them beyond repair by packing wrongly. Not to worry though, I have finally found the answer to the perfect set of city trip bags that will look great with every outfit. Make sure you have the right bag for every occasion and not take up too much room.

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The Best 3 Bags for a City Trip

 Bag no. 1 –  the shopper

The Best 3 Bags for a City Trip

Each hand luggage only trip I’ll take an airplane compliant suitcase on wheels plus one large shopper bag that wil also fit my laptop. The Masha Keja shopper pictured above is a real favourite of mine as it looks stylish, fits a lot of things inside and is super strong.

The Best 3 Bags for a City Trip

The story behind the embroidery on these bags:

Masha, (the designer and owner of Masha Keja Bags)  once bought a beautiful piece of embroidery from a market – it was calling to her. Then on a visit to Versailles she realised it must have either belonged to or at very least, come from the times of Marie Antoinette.
Feeling so inspired and moved Masha then created an embroidery for her bags based off the piece she had bought.

A legacy of the Napoleonic era, each embroidery is  made entirely by hand. More than 830 small pieces are cut and meticulously placed, one by one, to form the large pattern. So very special and unique, you won’t find another bag like this.


Bag no. 2 – the colourful cross body

The Best 3 Bags for a City Trip

Especially as the days get darker and colder, a touch of colour will do wonders to lift your spirits. What better way to add colour than in a colourful bag.

I have recently discovered that colourful bags really work regardless of your outfit during the colder months. Here I have timed this fuchsia bag with my otherwise grey and dark blue with touch of yellow outfit. This may seem like a lot of colours but you see how it really pops and makes a difference to the outfit in a positive way.

The Best 3 Bags for a City Trip

I love the fact that this “DINA ROCK” bag from Masha Keja comes in lots of different colours and is priced to make them more affordable to have a couple of colours. The pale pink and yellow are other favourites of mine.

The Best 3 Bags for a City Trip


Bag no. 3 – the evening clutch

The Best 3 Bags for a City Trip

I’m in love with this easy to match black clutch which also has the special Napoleonic era embroidery on it. Making it just that bit extra special and stand out from your regular clutch.

The Best 3 Bags for a City Trip

This clutch also comes in a number of different colours with the option of black, gold or black embroidery. See the full collection here.

Alternatively see here for a selection of non-embroidered clutches. A clutch really is the perfect evening bag when travelling…


How I put it all together:

On the plane or even when travelling by car for a city trip I always take one cabin sized suitcase on wheels and the large shopper. Inside the shopper will be laptop, cables, small cross body bag and evening clutch. This way the bags don’t get squashed in the suitcase and loose shape. Inside the crossbody will be my purse, phone and keys so that these are always handy to find.


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