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By popular request I am finally posting something for the younger generation – the teenies 😉 Having a teenager daughter myself I thought it might be fun to share with you the new items purchased this summer for her wardrobe!

Zara has got to be one of my favourite stores when it comes to finding fun teenage compliant clothing. This season we found the following two tops and a pair of great high waisted shorts:


This was such great buy I haven’t found it in the shops since and it also does not seem to be online but similar is here CHF 34


Still available online here CHF 34


High waist shorts which seem to go with much more than I ever imagined CHF 39

Her favourite by far and definately almost a staple must in any teenagers wardrobe this summer is a pair of shorts dungarees. These are from Superdry.com and come in a range of different jean colours. The long sleeved t-shirt is one of her favourites – from Holister (given to her by a close friend of ours – thanks xx)


These are currently available online at CHF 99:

Then we have the little 3 piece outfit I managed to pick up in Tally Weijl on one of my trips to town – am ever so pleased that even at 15 I am able to still go out and buy clothes which my daughter loves!


Cardigan Euro 29, Shorts Euro 23, Blouse (similar here) Euro 16

The cardigan /throwover in the next picture is something we picked up in Hollister – to be honest, when she showed it to me I was not too impressed but said nothing as I thought my daughter should learn to cultivate her own taste without criticism. As time goes on however it has become one of the pieces she wears most in her wardrobe and I have come round to really liking it – I even tried it on the other day – eek…


Tips for Teen shopping:

1) Always go through the existing wardrobe first and get rid of whatever does not fit – I also tend to let go what still fits but is deemed to be unfashionable – she’ll never wear it anyway so why leave it in the closet.

2) Not quite the shopaholic I am – we normally shop for Cassias clothes twice a year – one big shop each time and then that’s that – she’s happy and so am I. A couple of times now instead of shopping in Zurich we did our shopping trip in London – makes the whole event ever so special and each time she wears the items she remembers the nice day we had together.

3) Let them buy something funky and possibly impractical (provided not too expensive of course) – believe me they will thank you later!

Normally when you see my daughter she will look like this:

I was only allowed to do this post about Cassia on the condition that I would promote her book blog www.life2books.wordpress.com – it’s actually quite a sweet blog and since she seems to be perpetually consumed by her books there are quite a few different books to read up on. Thanks for posing Cassia xx


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