Procrastination coming back to haunt me!


A few weekends ago we went to Como and I stepped into the MAX&Co. shop – thinking it was a silly place to be as I knew MAX&Co. can even be bought in Globus in Zurich… I found the most adorable summer dress that you can simply throw into the washing machine take out and wear again…yet I didn’t get it as I thought I would wait and see it in Zurich…As luck would have it there have been a number of times since when it was really hot and I sooo wished I had bought the dress. Of course it is not available in the MAX&Co. collection in Globus and you can not order MAX&Co. in Switzerland as we are not part of the EU. On top of all of this that very dress keeps on popping up on my private Facebook as a Breuninger add – have decided that this must be a sign…

Me trying on the dress:


In case you go to Italy at all – step into MAX&Co – they have the most fabulous bags and shoes all very reasonably priced!

I have now learnt the price of procrastination…have you had anything similar happen to you? How do you make sure this doesn’t happen to you? I would love to hear your stores.

Have a happy day – despite the rain in case it is also raining where you are as much as it is today in Zurich!



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