How NZ Fashion Trends are Impacting Summer 2019

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It’s New Years Eve as I write this post. Lucky enough to be sitting here in NZ to celebrate the new year coming in made me reflect upon NZ and Summer fashion.

Although there is a different spin to NZ Fashion and it  isn’t NY, London, Paris or Milan , Summer trends seen in NZ do have a very real impact on what we see worn on the streets the next summer season in Europe.

Keep reading to find out how NZ Fashion Trends are Impacting Summer 2019

How NZ Fashion Trends are Impacting Summer 2019

It could be because Summer tends to be their longest season. However one thing for sure – both New Zealand and Australia really do know how to rock Summer fashion.

The move towards casual and comfy

As a general rule of thumb NZ fashion always tends to have a more casual spin to it compared to Europe. However over the years, particularly when it comes to weekends and vacation wear, europeans are also becoming more relaxed and casual. So this is one reason europeans like to get their Summer fashion  inspiration from “down under”.

The more cautious spender

As a rule of thumb New Zealanders will prioritise spending their money on their homes and outdoor Summer toys before clothing. If money is spent on clothing there is always the thought of “we can wear this for several years forward”.

As a result trends seen in high street stores of  larger cities really tend to be sustainable trends and not one season only.

The creative soul

It never ceases to amaze me at just how creative people in NZ tend to be. This runs through the fashion scene too where you will find genuine new Summer trends that are later adopted in Europe.

Trends that will certainly be on the streets in Europe Summer 2019

The shoe string dress with frills – frills are here to stay for a few seasons to come

All shades of yellow – a continuation  from Winter

Converse shoes –  whilst chunky sneakers are the hottest footwear during fashion weeks, every day street style will see the comeback of the converse. Be adventurous and go for a colour!

The woven rattan bag – especially round ones like the yellow bag above.

Smaller framed sunglasses – big frames, unless thin and metal, are slowly making their way out of the summer scene!

Outfit details:

Dress  – The CO-OP collective (on sale here)

Bag – The CO-OP collective (similar here)

Shoes – Converse (available here)

Sunglasses – Rayban (similar here)



On that note I wish you all a fabulous last day of the year! May all your celebrations be fantastic and you have a wonderful 2019 ahead!


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Wishing you a Happy, Healthy and Prosperous 2019!



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