I’ve Got a Thing About Orange and Pink

I've got a Thing about Orange and Pink

Hi Everyone,

The combination of wearing pink and red together has caused uproar for some time now. You either love or hate the combination. However for me it has always been about wearing orange and pink. Even in the corporate world. I often went into my office at the Bank wearing an orange and pink boldly striped cardigan under my navy blue suit. Can you believe it? Of course anyone that knows me won’t be surprised about that one – haha!

In any case having this soft spot it was almost like fate when I discovered this pink and orange bag earlier this year. Coupled with cute orange pumps making the perfect accessories for any pink outfit.

Keep reading for  more about my thing about orange and pink as well as a cute selection to shop now right at the very end.


I’ve Got a Thing About Orange and Pink

I've got a Thing about Orange and Pink

The skirt in this look has special meaning to me as I bought it in Milan during Fashion week… Check out  instagram to see how I wore it in the Winter months.

Never believe in waiting for seasons to change when I buy something new – is anyone else like that?

I've got a Thing about Orange and Pink

This is the first time I am finally wearing it in Summer mode.

In case you’re wanting to ask, I didn’t fall off the ledge despite concentrating on looking up more than anything else – smile!

I've got a Thing about Orange and Pink

Slightly diverging here to my burgundy bracelet. It’s actually a #TogetherBand.

The purpose of these bands is to unite us as a global community, sharing commitment to all of the 17 UN Global Goals. Our aim is to bring together one billion active citizens to achieve these Goals. There are 17 colours, each one for a different goal. Whenever you order a band you get given 2 – one to give away to a friend.

Mine is supporting decent work and economic growth. Given to me by my Hubby.

This is not at all sponsored and you can find out more about the bands here.

The overriding question here is – can you get away with messy hair when you are turning around (at great speed – haha)?

I've got a Thing about Orange and Pink

My one main tip I would have about this look is to keep any coloured long sleeved shirts you may have until they no longer look good. Even if you don’t wear them for a year or so, one day they will be the perfect thing to team up with something.

I haven’t worn this shirt for at least 2 – 3 years but it really matches perfectly to my skirt!


Shop Orange and Pink now – click on image for more:


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Fun fact: my dear friend Nadja bought the same skirt

and we twinned it through Milan Fashion Week.




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