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Last Saturday was a super cool day – being invited to go to the Fashion Fish Outlet store with a group of Swiss bloggers to…(ok it’s obvious right)… go shopping. Each of us given a CHF 500 voucher followed by a tour of the Fashion Fish Outlet by one of Zurich’s most prominent and adorable stylists – South african born Clifford Lilley.

Sounds like mega fun right and you are all thinking – “wow wish it was me” – yet suddenly I had this daunting feeling creep over me. So used to sauntering round the shops and buying when I fall in love with something – usually with a pre determined idea of what I am looking for – it was a totally different experience being  here with no idea what to expect and conscious about not waisting this lovely shopping voucher on items that would never be worn.

As it was I was so totally positively surprised and ended up finding items I had been looking for, for ages. I took my hubby with me and he fell in love with Fashion Fish – stating afterwards that the next time he needs a business suit this is where we’ll be heading!

One of the things I was so super curious about was what others would buy – am sure you are too so here is a run down of what 7 Bloggers spent our vouchers on:

  1. FunkyForty


If you’ve been following me on Instagram this won’t be news to you. I bought a white shirt and scarf from Bally and a pair of awesome over the knee boots – that stay up when you walk from Navyboot. (pictures of all items on Instagram)


Still having a little money left over I donated it to my hubby towards a pair of lovely new Bally shoes – he was happy – haha!

I was so surprised as some stores – including Bally even had new seasons items such as beautiful bags at reduced prices.


2. Swiss Glam


Darya is the owner of the lovely Lifestyle blog SwissGlam – a great place to find out about glamorous events, places to go and brands in Switzerland.

Deciding white the shirt is making a comeback this Fall she too decided to get one as well as the super cute Bally bag seen on the picture and a pair of signature Bally sneakers.



3. Fashionboho


Sara is the owner of Fashionboho Blog – I love looking at her pictures for style inspiration!


You see her here with a pair of awesome pumps found in Bally. She also bought a bag and wallet from Bally. Lucky for her she already had another voucher as well which she used for pair of sunnies for CHF 79.- from G-Star Raw and a black turtleneck from Hallhuber for CHF 20.-


4. SaraIs InLoveWith


This is another Sara – the owner of the SaraIsInLoveWith blog. I love her statement pink hair it goes with her super cute personality. Her blog takes you to a world of fun quirky fashion!


She bought a super cute pink Hallhuber lace dress and a light Hallhuber coat (seen in picture above), Bally shoes (as seen above) and a Bally card holder. Spending less than CHF 500 she donated the rest to her boyfriend so he could get a Bally card holder as well.


5. NissiMendes


Nissi has a beautiful fashion and beauty blog NissiMendes – she writes in German and has the most awesome photos which seem to take you into another world.


Staying within budget she managed to pick up her grey coat from LiebesKind (love this might have to go back as really need a grey coat myself), a white top from Diesel and these fabulous boots from NavyBoot.


6. Jesca.Li


Jesca is a make-up artist and owner of the lovely fashion and lifestyle blog Jesca.Li. She also visits Paris Fashion Week and has lots of interesting news on her site.


Talk about bargain shopping – Jesca managed to get the Green jacket and pullover in top picture from Diesel, The black top above from Hallhuber as well as 2 turtleneck jumpers, a silver silk skirt, bag and jeans all from Hallbuer only going CHF 80 over her CHF 500 budget.


7. Kayashionista


Beautiful Kaya has a super nice fashion blog Kayashionista. With a passion for Gucci bags and Boho style amongst others it is also a great site to check out for fashion inspiration.


Staying within budget Kaya managed to buy an entire outfit from Hallhuber, including dress, black long lace cardigan, scarf and bag – anyone remotely liking Boho style would rush out and get this outfit too I’m sure!


After shopping the lovely Amanda Nikolic took these super cute portrait pictures of each of us giving us 3 essential photo tips:

  1. Stay yourself and natural – let the picture capture your true character!
  2. Most of us do not have a totally symmetrical face so if you’re holding one side to the camera make it your chubbier side – letting your skinnier silhouette have a bigger impact on the photo.
  3. Outside, natural lighting is always best!


A little impression gallery:


Thank you so much Fashion Fish for having us!

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Wishing you all a fabulous day!


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Hi! I’m Yvonne, a 40 something (wink) Kiwi, living in Zurich. I love fashion, travel, shopping and food – believing chocolate will cure almost anything!

  1. Amanda is an amazing photographer. Boy oh boy would I love to have her at my beg and call.. (Sorry Ron).
    You have all done so well. Hallhuber seems to be everybody’s favourite. Followed by Bally. Would have loved to be there. Even without a voucher.

  2. that sounds very nice and I think all and every one looked really very nice and smart 👍👍😘💋

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