Best Street Style outside Fendi Show, Milan Fashion Week and Trend Highlights

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One of the best ways to know the trends for the coming season is to look at what was worn during Fashion week. At the time it’s all a blur of so many great outfits making it essential to revisit photos a few weeks later. They do say you need to see something three times before it really stays in your mind – haha!

Upon reflection the Fendi show in Milan really gave the key to some fabulous trends we can all be following. Be they Fendi or not – it’s the general look that can easily be replicated.

Note the double breasted blazer on top with pleated details. Two trends not to be forgotten about. Especially pleats for blazers, skirts and dresses – it doesn’t matter where they are just make sure you have some!

The Fendi show may have been Spring Summer 2019 however the looks worn on the runway were those we can already replicate in Autumn or Winter. Certainly worth a double look.

Keep reading for the best street style outside Fendi show, Milan Fashion Week and trend highlights


Best Street Style outside Fendi Show, Milan Fashion Week and Trend Highlights

The poncho for one is a great trend to pick up on. Note the current bag trend too – back to hand held shorter strap.

Best Street Style outside Fendi Show, Milan Fashion Week and Trend Highlights

leather is featuring large – worn with a great monogram shirt. Then there’s the bucket brand – almost every bag brand has a version of these for this coming Autumn.

Remember pleats are a thing. Wearing a skirt over trousers is a look seen throughout this Fashion Week.

Note the earrings – almost essential for Autumn! Tartan of course being another must have.

Proof that pattern mixing is still an item. Also note the length – it’s all either very short or longer, take your pick.

Ok so this is more for summer but love that pencil skirt – the long pencil skirt being a trend to start wearing now. Note how the bag is a totally different colour and has nothing to do with the rest of the outfit. During the show itself we see the same trend come through.

Repeating the pleats trend, longer lengths, tartan and the revival of the cowboy boot.


Fendi Show Highlights

Love love this look – I want it now please! Note how bag and shoes have nothing to do with the rest of the outfit. They are making statements of their own.

In contrary to the first picture, here we are seeing an almost monogram look. Green being a hot colour to go for.

Best Street Style outside Fendi Show at Milan Fashion Week and Trend Highlights

All white can almost be seen as the new black…

Also a style for the fuller figure – orange is featuring more and more so catch some while you can!

Best Street Style outside Fendi Show at Milan Fashion Week and Trend Highlights

Pencil skirt with pleated detail underneath…

The trench worn as a dress – leather feating top too!

Best Street Style outside Fendi Show at Milan Fashion Week and Trend Highlights

Clear plastic being another feature, either as coat or bag with another bag inside. Note the purple shoes – I now promise to wear mine with anything – haha!

Fendi was not the only place we saw biker shorts – the trend looks to be creeping back in so stay tuned for more of this to come.

Fendi shows it’s version of denim…


Now it’s your turn to create some great new looks from your own wardrobes!


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Wishing you a fashionable Autumn 2018!

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  1. Thanks for sharing the show with us!
    LOVE the squared off nude shoes! If they were vegan I would break the bank for them. Also love the peekaboo versions.
    LOVE the mixed tartan blouse, the orange sweatshirt, the shades of olive and the very thoughtful color “mismatches” and contrasts.
    I’m surprised to still see triangular glasses on the runway, because they have been all over the sidewalk for so long. Still, it is a flattering shape on many people.
    I’m glad to see midi skirts.
    Pleats and cargo pockets at the hips and bust don’t seem to flatter. On the other hand, I have the zara pleated culottes on heavy rotation because they are so versatile and distinctive, they move so well, and they’re as comfortable sweat pants.
    I’m not a logo fan.
    I LOVE the way that clear jackets and EVA or vinyl clothes look in pictures, but they are tricky in real life. I seek a truly waterproof, odorless one with adequate vents, and a flattering cut, drape & hood. I have been on a quest for the right one because El Nino is coming and I want to be happy, dry and chic when it does. If you find a great one, please let us know.

    1. Thank you for the lovely feedback dear – I agree regarding venal clothing. I think the logo trend will be relatively short lived but lets see – smile!

      xoxo Yvonne

  2. Aren’t these flattering styles! I can’t wait for them to filter through to the high street and online. Thanks for sharing. Jacqui Mummabstylish

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