Mothers Day Switzerland 2021 – 11 Special Gift Ideas and Outings

11 Extra Special Mothers Day Gift Ideas

Hi Everyone,

With Mothers Day just over 2 weeks away now’s the perfect time to start thinking about that special gift to let your Mum know just how special she is to you.

If I’m honest I’ve found myself procrastinating about this post as it is now close to 1 and 1/2  years since I was last able to be with my Mum. We speak and see each other every day on Facetime which is a great invention for times like these. However I am missing the fun adventures we got up to very much. The real live Mum hug and simply being together.

Back to the Mothers Day extra special gift guide. If you visit FunkyForty regularly you’ll be familiar with my Favourite Shops page – a page consisting of carefully selected stores which stay on the platform for 6 months and then get revisited. They tend to be smaller specialty businesses that you might not hear about otherwise and are certainly worth supporting. However more importantly each store is one I personally love. There is something for every budget and many interests from fashion to accessories to health to home decoration.

This posts selects something from each of my 11 Favourite Shops which I would give my Mum as a present. In case you’re interested I already have something in the post for my Mum, we’re hoping it arrives on time. I’ll let you guess what it might be – smile!

Keep reading to discover “Mothers Day Switzerland 2021 – 11 Special Gift Ideas and Outings” with some great discount codes .


Mothers Day Switzerland 2021 – 11 Special Gift Ideas and Outings

1. For the smaller budget:

With Summer coming up how about a new bracelet or necklace to start your’ Mum’s new Spring/Summer season off with a smile: (available Suenia Zurich from CHF 39.90)

11 Extra Special Mothers Day Gift Ideas


2. Something for the home

It’s always nice to give a vase or special plate as a gift – a memory that your Mum will cherish forever… see a lovely selection of special home accessories here at Maru design.

I have one of the plates shown and love it for both cakes and when I don’t have baking I use it as a tray for our tv remote controls and coasters.

Special Mothers Day promotion

20% off with the code: MOMSTHEBEST

International shipping!

11 Extra Special Mothers Day Gift Ideas


3. Something to cherish every day

Most of us write something each day, even if it’s just jotting down a todo list or filling out a sudoku. A special pen is a gift your Mum will cherish each day. It might even encourage her to write a personal letter to a dear friend or relative…

Landolt-Arbenz has the best selection in Zurich and is one of the best luxury pen stores in Europe. Also online store.

11 Extra Special Mothers Day Gift Ideas


4. Something for stronger hair and nails and better skin

As we age it’s more important than ever to help your body with good quality supplements.

Formetta, created by Australian born Vanessa, is truly the best collagen supplement you can buy on the market. She designed it for herself so that is almost proof enough – however read more here

Plus use the code:


to receive CHF 21 off your first order!

International shipping!

11 Extra Special Mothers Day Gift Ideas


5. Do good buy good

A woman can never have enough handbags and it I truly believe at least one Atelier Avanzar handbag is one of the most useful things a woman can own. Not to forget the fact that they are made by women in Ecuador with a foundation helping other women and children in need in Ecuador. There is even a special school set up educating women on how to set up their own business and make a good living for themselves.

Not only that though the quality of the bags is simply fabulous. They are super strong and the Avanzar team are continuously coming up with new designs and colours.

Available here

Special  promotion

15% off with the code: funkyfortyfriends

11 Extra Special Mothers Day Gift Ideas


6. Something for the Mother who loves art

How about a piece of art on the arm for your Mum?

Swiss based Artist Caroline Dechamby has the most wonderful selection of limited edition bags starting from CHF 290 for her pouches. See more here.

11 Extra Special Mothers Day Gift Ideas


Outing tips:

7. Seefeld, Zurich

Take your Mum to the Seefeld district in Zurich, go to the roof top of La Reserve, Zurich and then take her shopping at Golden Carrot. A lovely boutique that has something for every taste plus a cute selection of accessories and the most comfy yet stylish shoes in the whole of Zurich.

Golden Carrot also has an online shop with international shipping – see here.


8. The Uetliberg and Uitikon Zurich

The Uetliberg, Zurich’s house hill is a lovely walk during Spring – a great place to have a drink or snack at the top. On your way down be sure to drop into the village center of Uitikon and visit La Tienda. The beautiful local store.

Also very inspirational online store with international shipping – see here

I am currently in love with her fabulous selection of Velvet t-shirts, pretty skirts and summer dresses that suit every body shape.


The extra Special Gift

Here are some great ideas for that extra special gift. Perhaps a group of you go in for Mothers Day or it is a combined Mothers Day/ Birthday gift…

9. A bespoke pair of Swiss made glasses

It’s funny how something like glasses, a thing we use every day, often gets put bottom of the spending priority list. All I can say is that it has really made a huge difference to daily life since I have my own pair of Marcus Marienfeld carbon frame glasses.

This could also be an outing combined with a stay in Valais, Switzerland to visit the factory and see first hand where and how the glasses are made.

See here for more information.


10. Bespoke Swiss Jewellery

A personal love affair of mine is the Caramella collection from the talented Swiss Jewellery and silk designer Vanessa Martineli.

Check out her lovely online store with international shipping here


11. If all else fails, diamonds will save the day

I honestly don’t think it’s possible to go wrong with diamond jewellery as a gift for a woman – especially your Mum – smile!

BAUNAT is an online diamond store where you will get the best value for money ever. There are also showrooms in several locations for those that don’t like to buy something so special without seeing it first.

See more here.


The biggest present of all

The biggest present of all will be (if possible) to visit your Mum and simply spend time with her!


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Wishing all the Mum’s out there a very special Mothers day to come!




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