10 Black and White Pieces every Woman should Own!

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Like it or not black and white remain staples year in year out.

Ensuring that you have the following 10 black and white essential pieces in your wardrobe you will always have something to wear no matter what the occasion. Sounds simple doesn’t it but it gets better as it really is so simple!

1. The white shirt

This Fall the white shirt is featuring even more than ever – as a plain white partially tucked in, or as a feature oversize shirt with ruffles or neck tie feature – take your pick!


2. Black skinny trousers

Leather is hotter than ever – some even claim it’s replacing jeans this Fall so that is something to keep at the back of your minds. However a pair of good black skinny trousers will keep you going through every season!


3. Wide trousers

Wide trousers always look elegant so it’s great to have a pair for wearing either during the day or dressed up with a silky top for the evening.


4. White silk or lace feature top

May sound boring but you’ll be able to use this a number of ways – under jackets/ cardigans or as a statement piece on it’s own.


5. Little Black dress

I guess that’s so obvious isn’t it – but in reality everyone needs more than one black dress in their wardrobe – suggest adding one new one at least once a year.


6. Small black bag

Perfect for evenings or even when shopping, especially when you know you’re going to end up with lots of other shopping bags. If you want to pep it up you can always add a coloured pompom or other attachment to it.


7. White sneakers

These are good all year round – a trend that’s been around for awhile now and is definitely here to stay awhile too!


8. A black jumper

At least one black skinny turtle neck is preferable but if these don’t suit you or you hate wearing things to close to your neck make sure that at least one plain black jumper is in your closet – you’ll be thankful for it!


9. Black boots

Preferably you need a couple of pairs – yes, seems extreme but it’s true – heeled (for office or evening), flats (weekends, casual, always) and over the knee (great teamed up with shorter or knee length dresses and skirts), to make your collection complete!


10. Last but not least a pair of black shoes

Whether they be pumps, flats, slip ons or sneakers – black shoes are essential and need to be updated each season…here are some of this seasons trends to choose from:


I can think of more items too such as a black blazer and black skirt but thought it OK to leave you with 10 items to think about for now!

If the thought of wearing only black and white makes you cringe simply add a colourful scarf, bag or shoes. As the rest of your outfit is black and white whatever piece of colour you add will become far more noticeable.


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  1. I need to give wide trousers another chance! But I am not sure of the white blouse. It reminds me of waitresses, I can t see the stylish touch in them.

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