1 Dress, 4 Ways to Style

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Making the most out of each piece of clothing I own has always been a passion of mine. One that is particularly helpful when it comes to weekend packing, or even wearing the same dress to different events. Another thing I love doing is taking one dress right through from day to night.

Styling one dress to make 4 different outfits doesn’t always mean having to drastically think out of the box. Sometimes simple things like a different pair of shoes and handbag can make all the difference. The main thing with any outfit you wear is that the whole outfit is thought through with purpose. Have already spoken about this in yesterdays Street Style article – see here.

The dress and sweaters in todays article are from Lamm Cashmere House – a family run store in St Moritz, Switzerland which has been selling it’s own commissioned cashmere since 1935. As I first walked into the store a few weeks ago I really had to stand still to take in the extensive amount of beautiful cashmere sweaters available in all shapes, colours and sizes. Now there is also a beautiful online store where things can be purchased online in Switzerland. For international orders you simply need to phone: +41 833 33 15

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1 Dress, 4 Ways to Style

The dress today is from the Friendly Hunting Fall 2023 collection. It has no sleeves so is easy to wear with almost anything. In Summer I would also wear it with a t-shirt underneath, scrappy sandals and a straw bag – to buy call +41 833 33 15.

  1. Wear with contrasting Sweater

I’ve really got a thing about orange and green, honestly believing it’s one of the prettiest colour combinations ever.

Orange cashmere sweater available online here.


2. Wear with matching sweater and cream accessories

This sweater is slightly longer at the back and super soft. I love how it matches the dress perfectly. Adding cream shoes and bag gives a nice contrast to the whole look.

Green cashmere sweater available to buy call +41 833 33 15.


3. Same look different shoes and bag

Notice how simply adding a different bag and boots can make all the difference to an outfit. Just to emphasise that when it comes to fashion it often really is the little things that matter!


4. Taking the dress to night with a blazer and heels.

Adding a blazer and heels to any dress is one of the simplest tricks ever and always works!

The perfect outfit for dinner at a chateau in Burgundy – smile.

BTW my hair is sheep like on purpose. Initially it was simply the humidity having it’s way but then I decided it was actually a fun new look.


The dress and sweaters in todays article are from Lamm Cashmere House


or call: +41 833 33 15



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  1. Hi dear Yvonne thank you for your blog I love the Idea how you can change one dress in different outfits and look just ready for any situation so nice and smart

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