Why I’m Wearing Gold this Festive Season

Maya Seyferth

Hi Everyone,

Why I’m wearing gold this festive season might seem like an easy enough question but this year there is a real interesting story behind my gold dress for the season.

Firstly let me begin by announcing you can’t go wrong with any metallics this December/January. The more your outfit sparkles and glitters the better.

My stunning gold dress of the season however has been chosen very carefully. For a start I really wanted to support a local Zurich designer this year. This dress is designed by Maya Seyferth – one of Zurich’s best and internationally renowned  designers. Most of her pieces are unique. Another thing I really love about Maya Seyferth’s designs is that they are also affordable. Check out her online store here.

Maya Seyferth  has a pretty corner shop nestled in Zurich’s Kreis 6. A shop with so many different colourful creations of all varying shapes and sizes that it is almost guaranteed there will be a piece you too fall in love with.

Keep reading to find out more about why I’m wearing gold this festive season.


Why I’m Wearing Gold this Festive Season

Maya Seyferth

It was on my visit to Milan this February that I was first introduced to Maya Seyferth’s designs.

Sitting watching the Emerging Talents show her designs immediately struck me as being something special (see my write up of the show here). Looking up her website I fell even more in love with her colourful designs.

Once back in Zurich I was determined to look her up and make contact.


Maya Seyferth

As usual time got the better of me and it wasn’t until October this year that I finally reached out and met Maya in person.

Such a sweet kind natured person of Georgian decent that has been living in Zurich for many years with the art of creating fashion simply running through her veins. If there was ever a person passionate about creating beautiful couture pieces it would have to be Maya.


Why I'm Wearing Gold this Festive Season

I can honestly say it feels as though her positive and passionate vibes rub off on me when I wear her pieces. This dress makes me feel so special.


Why I'm Wearing Gold this Festive Season

Gold is one of this colours that never dates. Despite metallics being extra fashionable this year I know that this dress will be great for many years to come.

I love the fact that it is unique and I don’t have to worry about someone else turning up wearing the same or something similar. Plus all pieces are both designed and made in Switzerland. Something truly unique in todays fashion world. These are all the reasons I am wearing gold this festive season.

Maya Seyferth’s designs have been showcased in New York, Milano, Paris and Hamburg. Not to forget an exciting new project about to start in Hollywood next year.


Why I'm Wearing Gold this Festive Season


Maya Seyferth

Sonneggstrasse 31, 8006 Zürich

Phone: 079 192 48 11


International shipping



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