Spanish Fashion Discoveries at MCI Moda 2018

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Last week was a very special week in Extremadura, Spain. Specifically Mérida which hosted the MCI Moda 2018. A reverse trade mission fashion fair with the aim of improving the competitiveness of local SME’s and giving them support to grow in international markets.

I was invited to visit the fair which was a lovely experience. Both with respect to the local fashion brands I met and experiencing the Extramadura region.  The group I went with consisted of  7 people. Coming  from  Sweden, Italy, England, Germany, France and Switzerland. Each of us working in a different area within the Fashion industry. Upon reflection a great way of getting the news out there throughout Europe about these upcoming small fashion brands based in Extramadura – a part of Spain I never knew about before but so pretty that I certainly intend on going back sometime soon!

A group photo of the 7 of us together with our Spanish hosts. Discovering a little of the history of Mérida which is also a World Heritage site.

Enough of an introduction, now I’m going to show you a brief preview of each of the 13 fashion labels that were exhibiting. As well as introducing Laura Manuela – an up and coming star Spanish fashion designer.

Keep reading for Spanish Fashion Discoveries at MCI Moda 2018.

Spanish Fashion Discoveries at MCI Moda 2018

Laura Manuela

I truly felt so honoured to meet Laura. She has just won the highest award for young and novice creators. The award is given by the National Association of New and Young Spanish Designers  (ANDE) and as a prize she gets to take part of the Styl and Kabo Catwalk in the Czech Republic.

Her Grandmother was also a Fashion designer and of great inspiration to Laura. There’s something that tells me we are going to be seeing a lot more of her designs in major fashion cities such as Paris and Milan in the not too distant future!


Calablanca is a leather accessory and jewellery brand. Created by Dolores Martin Guardado, whose aim was to capture feelings in a tangible way. Creating wonderful unique pieces using old artisan techniques.


Vintivintae was founded in 2013 by Nuria Delgado who carefully hand makes her beautiful hats using materials from all around the globe. A special plant that can only be found in Singapore forms the base of the hat above.

Susan’s Dreams

Susan, the creator of Susan’s Dreams  is an artist who dedicates herself to painting clothes by hand on 100% cotton fabrics. Her ideas start as a canvas painting and then continue onto the clothes. Making each item very personalised and original with a real story behind it.

Website currently under construction but you can write to her:

Claro Concepto

Created by Inmaculada Jociles Del Solar, Claro Concepto is about much more than wedding dresses. Focusing on feminine clothing created to respond to the needs of the women. Elegant yet functional and comfortable.

Check her online shop here.

Rodatex & British Cotton

Rodatex & British Cotton designs are a mix of the best English country style and urban airs. The brand has been operating for 15 years and they are currently in a revamping process to add a more modern touch to their styles.

I loved the wax coats. Made out of the same fabric as the famous English Barbour coats but with an added feminine touch.


Mamba Soul was started by Beatriz Garcia, inspired by the time she spent living in Vietnam.

Recently returning back to Spain, Beatriz intends to bring the concept to the women in Europe. Focusing on pretty dresses and coats.


The cutest ever children party clothing company. Taking part in the exhibition as they would like to sell their clothing to stores throughout Europe.



I love the motto “TODAY is a perfect day to start living your dreams”.

Lamatte is an accessory brand founded by Ana Matesanz in 2004. She also owns a separate wedding dress shop.

Anna makes each of these head pieces herself. Even the little porcelain flowers, as seen in the headpiece above.

Some hats can be worn as a complete hat or a simple head piece as the night wears on…

Pattern Laboratory

Pattern Laboratory is the perfect company to contact if you ever had dreams of creating your own clothing collection!

I might even try this out myself… anyone game to try out something designed by FunkyForty?


Las Galliciolas

Las Galliciolas is a beautiful leather bag and accessory company started by Elisabeth Munoz Martin. She prides herself in hand making each and every bag.  The entire creation process is manual so each piece is unique. The source of the leather is also an important point to note. Using only leather from cows that have been killed for meat.

I instantly fell in love with a yellow bag of hers…

Baby Boto’n

Baby Boto’n was started by José Merchàn Boto as a tribute to his Mother after his first child.

When asked why José started this brand he told me he had discovered a missing market niche when it comes to the bootie for baby’s between 2 – 10 months old.

Nano Escultor

Nano Escultor is a company with over 30 years of experience making sculptures and jewellery. Fernando Rodriguez Montilla makes the jewellery himself. You can see below that many of the pieces are inspired by famous pieces of art.

A big thank you to Extramadura Avante for inviting me to this event and an extra big thank you to my dear translator Anna who did an amazing job!

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  1. Very interesting I love the different designs and the intricate designs I am sure it will one day be all over the world

  2. I look at your first photo of all the lovely women attending, all shapes and sizes. Then I notice that the women modeling the designs are normal women of varying shapes, but mostly fairly small sizes. I hope these designers will remember that real women have nothing in common with these stick figures on the catwalks of Paris and will keep making beautiful fashion for all of us, all shapes and sizes. I am only a size 12, at 58 years (which is quite reasonable for someone my age) yet so many designers seem to stop at size 10, or the size 12 sells out immediately. I hope they don’t ignore my age group like so many designers. These designers have made stunning, wonderful items! Good luck to them!

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