Simply Simple is Hot – Straight from Paris Fashion Week!

Am so envious of you down in Southern Hemisphere right now – looking forward to Summer round the corner – brilliant!  Summer 2016 fashion is simply awesome – in particular of course Australian brand  Ellery will be walking down the streets this Summer with their minimalistic clean fabrics – sticking to Black and White/Cream in colour but ensuring each item makes a special statement of its own.


Layering is a big theme this season – love this dress over the skirt showing just a hint of skin – I can imagine this dressed down as is or up wit highly and a black wrap for cooler evenings.DSC_0079_Fotor

Something see-through is essential in everyones wardrobe this coming summer – be it a top like here or trousers. Honest – I won’t be out there in a top like that bearing all underneath but can imagine trying it out with a small camersol underneath.

Version 2

Love this off the shoulder dress – especially the sleeve feature! Note the lengths longer in general – dresses/skirts longer.

Check out more from the runway here:

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