Hot Street Style Trends – Paris Fashion Week Part 2

Awesome Street Style during Paris Fashion Week –  great fun picking out the trends and looking back they are easy to see. Here is part two of what was worn on the streets and the story the outfits tell.

1) The coat statement:


DSC_0133pretty in pink 😉


DSC_0049bold statement here

DSC_0047wonder if the coat would look different with other glasses – aren’t these fab


2) The Hat is Hot!

DSC_0132wonder what she’s thinking

Version 2elegance pure



3) No pain No gain – freezing but awesome!



DSC_0049 (1)the little sleeveless fitted dress a bit like little black dress

DSC_0032 (1)


4) Can’t go wrong with Faux Fur this season:





5) The suit was big – matching like with like whether it be patterns or plain.


DSC_0053Viktoria Rader in fab leopard print suit!

DSC_0006Blogger Andreea Paula Cristea looking fab in Orange

6) Black, White and Red!

DSC_0145note fur detail and zip on skirt – zips remain hot

DSC_0159note suited look again and glasses making the outfit complete



Wishing you all a fab day!

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    1. Thanks Dale – it was awesome, went to 7 shows as well as talent scouting in the London showrooms and discovering Evening/luxury wear in Place de Vendome…

      xo Yvonne

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