Pop Socks Made Sexy at Millan Fashion Week


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Sitting through the Maryling show on Wednesday it took a little time before it dawned on me that the models were all wearing pop socks…

The look instantly threw me back to my teens and living in New Zealand. Winter there never got so cold. I used to try my very best to always get away with only wearing pop socks the whole season through. Then it was a huge “no” to wear pop socks and skirts. Just a few years later (haha) in Milan they are showing the world how to make pop socks sexy!

Trends in the Maryling Fall/Winter 2018 collection: White shoes, tartan, black monogram, short shorts and longer dresses.

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Pop Socks Made Sexy at Millan Fashion Week

12 looks directly from the Milan Maryling show:

Note the white shoes, a trend that has only just begun and will certainly stay a few years!

Maryling - Milan Fashion Week

All black is always a safe option.

Maryling - Milan Fashion Week

Interesting mix of geometrics.

Maryling - Milan Fashion Week

…the longer trench.

Maryling - Milan Fashion Week

Maryling - Milan Fashion Week

Maryling - Milan Fashion Week

Maryling - Milan Fashion Week

Tartan is here to stay.

Maryling - Milan Fashion Week

Note the chiffon sleeve detail.

Maryling - Milan Fashion Week

Pop Socks Made Sexy at Milan Fashion Week

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Stay tuned for more Milan Fashion Week news – see what’s in store next Winter 2018!

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Dare to wear pop socks today!


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    1. You are not the only one Greetje but let me tell you as the shows continued so did this pop sock feature…perhaps it’s a matter of time until we’ll all be doing it?

      Happy Sunday xxx

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