Fashion Conscious the Parisian Way

Fashion Conscious the Parisian Way

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Preloved clothing is a hot topic these days in the Fashion world. So much so that even some of Zurich’s larger department stores have a preloved, otherwise known as “Vintage” section.

However why only focus on clothing? We all know about buying pairs of shoes and then either hardly ever or worst case scenario, never wearing them. So what about looking into the second hand shoe market.

Personally I wouldn’t mind a pair of second hand Jimmy Choo’s – smile. Only then I think of things such as foot odor, etc and am instantly put off.

Recently however I met Paris born Shera, owner of Atelier FH and was fascinated to learn more about her fabulous solution for unwanted shoes and how to make them desirable once again.

Keep reading to find out more about “Fashion Conscious the Parisian Way”.


Fashion Conscious the Parisian Way

Fashion Conscious the Parisian Way

Meet Shera who was raised by her grandparents in Paris. Ever since she can remember one of her favourite past times has been haunting the fabulous second hand stores throughout Paris finding beautiful pieces of clothing to add to her wardrobe.

After studying she entered the corporate world and held a high powered Human Resources position for many years. With her family she moved to several places around the world to end up in Switzerland.

One day she decided her corporate life  wasn’t fulfilling her purpose or dreams to make the world a better place. It was time to move on.

Fashion Conscious the Parisian Way

Going back to her passion in life and with the intention of doing something to make the world a better place Shera started investigating the second hand stores in Zurich. Realising that whilst there were plenty of options for used clothing, no one seemed to be interested in buying or selling pre-loved shoes.

Fashion Conscious the Parisian Way

The Atelier FH Platform

This was the beginning of Atelier FH, a platform selling beautifully rejuvenated pre-loved designer shoes.

The process is not at all as easy as it sounds. Firstly the shoes are carefully and extensively disinfected and cleaned from the smallest trace of dirt. Then they are brought to a professional cobler who does everything to restore the shoes back to their original state.

The Atelier FH website and shop is super user friendly. You can easily select your size and type of shoe or brand you are interested in. The brands available are certainly interesting including Dior, Chanel, Gucci, Isabel Marant and Max Mara.

There is no limit to the fabulous assortment of shoes to be found on the Atelier FH platform, which is constantly updated. So much so that every time I go on the website I seem to find a new pair of shoes I really love.

All shoes are sold in a new beautifully made fabric shoe bag with the Atelier FH label printed on it. Perfect for travelling.

If you prefer to try shoes on before buying them you can also book an appointment.

Personally I am super happy with my Kennel & Schmenger sandals  found online at Atelier FH – they go with simply everything this Summer.


So why not trying to be fashion conscious the Parisian way too:




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