5 Top Trends for Autumn 2018

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Saturday morning as I write this and if you’re anything like me you’re currently digging into your wardrobe trying madly to recreate this seasons trend looks. Eventually I’ll leave the house and hit the shops for a spot of shopping. A dangerous state of mind for anyone who hasn’t first decided on the trend looks they wish to follow and knows their own wardrobe!

So to help you, this post highlights 5 of the top trends you too might like to adopt this Autumn.

The picture above was taken during the last Paris and Milan fashion weeks. At the time I really had the feeling in order to be “top on trend” this season it was essential to have 3 items… Balenciaga shoes, the Dior saddle bag and a piece of Fendi monogram. Realistically I hope to settle for one of the three (Christmas present – smile!).

Keep reading to find out more about 5 top trends for Autumn 2018


5 Top Trends for Autumn 2018

1. Yellow and Mustard

HOT HOT this Autumn, almost a wardrobe staple to be combined with burgundy, brown or blue… Note the belt on the left – the longer belt with a knot in it is back on the trend list. Asymetric designs like the skirt in center and it’s quite acceptable to frill it all this season – see picture on the right.

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2. The Sweater

Yes, fashionistas amongst us have finally decided that comfort is the new style with fabulous chunky cheerful sweaters finishing off many outfits be it trousers or a skirt. If you’re worried about the over slobby look this is easily fixed by simply tucking in one edge of the sweater.

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3. Animal print

May not be something new but this season sees it as an absolute staple for every wardrobe. Snakeskin, Zebra or leopard – choose the print you like most. It can be either your total outfit or just a little nuance as in the top worn by Zoe Pastelle.

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4.  Tartan

New this Autumn is the emphasis on blue toned tartan… often matched with a pale blue bag. This goes in line with the overall theme of colour this coming Autumn.

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Or if you are in Zurich I suggest you visit Paradis des Innocents


5. Neon

There’s no mistaking it neon green is here to stay – we saw a little coming through in the Spring Fashion Weeks but this season it’s really here with wonderful neon green knits spotted everywhere!

This is however a special trend – you either like it or not. If you like it, it pays to invest and otherwise stay away. A half hearted attempt will turn out wrong when it comes to neon!

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Wishing you a top of the trends Autumn 2018!

nb: all photos taken by and property of FunkyForty GmbH

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Hi! I’m Yvonne, a 40 something (wink) Kiwi, living in Zurich. I love fashion, travel, shopping and food – believing chocolate will cure almost anything!

  1. Thanks for sharing these trends with us Yvonne. I can tick of 3 of them and will skip the neon. Too fancy for me…

    As far as the chunky sweaters are concerned I have my doubts, since I am really, really petite. That’s a challenge I may or may not tackle this season. Sweaters are perfect for teachers, but I wonder about the effect of the chunky element. My pupils should be able to see me and not just an enormous sweater…

    Love, Lieske

    1. I get more and more curious each time you write dear – now I am hanging out to meet you and make you look fabulous wit a chinky jumper – hehe!

      Have a wonderful day xxx

  2. LOVE YOUR JEANS!!! Love the violet jeans. Love the olive coat. This post makes me want to dye my hair auburn, see the woman in the yellow section? LOVE her hair! The cut & the color are IDEAL.

    1. Hehe – only if you like neon. I once had a long-sleeved neon top – it was so cute but I hardly wore it so it got liquidated which I now regret as it is hard to find.

      xxx Yvonne

  3. I am loving anything mustard+yellow, all the animal prints and all the plaids this season, especially Glen Plaid. Great post! Welcome by every Thursday to link up with me on Thursday Moda. Thanks and Happy Sunday!

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