4 Pieces for the Perfect Festive Season Weekend Away

Hi Everyone,

And just like that the pre-festive season is already upon us…

One of my hubby and my favourite things to do in these pre-festive weekends is to go away and visit different cities. It’s always so much fun to see the pretty Christmas decorations. Each city seems to have it’s own charm and it’s a great way to really get into the spirit of things.

The question is always what to pack? I like to look a little special despite the cold and often dreary weather outside. Just making that extra effort puts me into the festive mode right away. At the same time I like to make these weekends away low fuss which means packing as little as possible. Yet still dressed right!

This post gives you my current favourites  – “4 Pieces for the Perfect Pre-Festive Season Weekend Away”


4 Pieces for the Perfect Festive Season Weekend Away

4 Pieces for the Perfect Festive Season Weekend Away

  1. Coat

Let’s start with the coat. I love having a special coat to take away with me on these weekends. This stunning reversible sheepskin coat has simply made my heart melt this season…

Love the leather tie which gives the coat a little shape at the front but leaves the back free. Often I feel like a sausage tied up when wearing a bulky coat belted. The whole sausage feel is gone with this cute front only technique.

The sheepskin looks certainly adds a huge amount of glamour to the whole look too – not to mention how cosy and warm it is meaning you don’t have to wear quite as much underneath.

AYASSE Greta “Lammfellmantel” available online here.


2. and 3. Silk Shirt and Suede Trousers

Anyone who’s been reading FunkyForty.com for awhile now will know that I tend to preach wearing my arrival outfit also as a going home outfit. This makes packing super simple for weekends away. Plus has the added benefit of having hardly anything to unpack once home again…

4 Pieces for the Perfect Festive Season Weekend Away

I think the pattern on this shirt is super pretty. Perfect for travelling and not getting too hot in the process. My trick though for keeping warm with a silk blouse during Winter is to wear a body hugging sleeveless top underneath.

See here for some lovely cotton tank tops – perfect for under a shirt. I stick to those with a bigger neck line so you can’t see them even when the shirt is open at the tip.

Silk shirt available online here.

I’ve had the suede trousers since the beginning of Autumn and can honestly say they have been a wonderful goto item. Being dark grey they are so easy to combine with simply anything. The stretch aspect makes them super comfy and suede simply adds a certain richness to every outfit.

Suede trousers available online here.

I’m going to confess that I tend not to travel in heels but chunky black boots. Mine have all got laces on them – even my knee high boots. However I do currently have my eye on a pair of Ash chunky slip on boots – see here.


4 Pieces for the Perfect Festive Season Weekend Away

4. The pretty dress

Last but not least, a pretty dress is simply a must have for every pre-festive season weekend away.  This weekend I chose this pretty silk Dea Kudibal dress. The cut is super feminine and pretty yet at the same time it’s floaty and no fuss for wearing out for dinner.

Not to forget that it travels super well. Folding away into next to nothing. If you hang it up as soon as you arrive and it will look perfect for dinner. No ironing or anything else needed.

4 Pieces for the Perfect Festive Season Weekend Away

All items in this post are from La Tienda – a Favourite Shop of mine located in Uitikon Waldegg, a 13 minute train ride from Zurich main station platform 22.

4 Piece Weekend Away Recap:

Coat – available here

Suede Trousers – available here

Silk Shirt – available here

Silk Dress – available here



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Hi! I’m Yvonne, a 40 something (wink) Kiwi, living in Zurich. I love fashion, travel, shopping and food – believing chocolate will cure almost anything!

  1. Hi dear Yvonne thank you for your blog I love your Idea of packing for a weekend and somehow find it very handy love you

  2. You look just gorgeous again! Another beautiful set of outfits! I just love the paisley print and have a blouse identical to that one. The pants are perfect! Which ones are they! Are they listed as ‘wildlederhose’? Thanks!

  3. Hi again! You said the trousers have a bit of stretch? Suede is usually very tight and hot so I’m a bit confused. Is this an artificial one? Thanks!!

    1. Oh no they are 100% leather but not very tight and hot. I love the texture, not too thick but thick enough to keep shape and fit nicely on the legs.
      The fitting is tailored but not too figure hugging.


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