The Blue Suit

The Blue Suit

The Blue Suit is a sustainable denim brand founded by 2 women. Karen Rauschenbach with a background in aerospace projects and Yvonne Vermeulen with a background in fashion. It is amazing what two women with such different backgrounds managed to achieve.

Today they are ever so proud to be the first fashion brand in Switzerland offering a Cradle to Cradle Certified® Denim Collection. You can read more about what Cradle to Cradle Certified® means here.

Some of my favourite outfits from the store:


The Blue Suit

the Blue suit GmbH
Remisbergstrasse 38
CH-8280 Kreuzlingen


Hi! I’m Yvonne, a 40 something (wink) Kiwi, living in Zurich. I love fashion, travel, shopping and food – believing chocolate will cure almost anything!

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