Marina Anouilh

Situated in the heart of Gstaad’s central shopping street. Marina Anouilh is a concept store with a certain magic to it. Created by Marina Anouilh herself, every corner tells a new story. You walk in, see something you like, discover the story and your heart melts.

“I don’t do fashion I do style”

However Marina not only supports meaningful brands that are making a difference to the world. She also has her own label. One of the first things she said to me was “I don’t do fashion I do style”. A wonderful carefully created collection of Marina Anouilh garments that simply never date. Designed by Marina as they were items she herself imagined and wanted but could never find exactly as she wanted them in another store.

This is one shop you simply don’t forget and I know as the first time I walked in was 2 years ago, never since until last week but the store and experience remained a big memory for me.

If you’re not planning a visit to Gstaad any time soon, no problem as the online shop is all super inspirational.