Zurich Shopping Trip – 3 Hot Local Tips!

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Every now and again FunkyForty organises little Saturday morning shopping tours. Usually consisting of a group of 5 – 7 women.  All in all we have 3 hours at our disposal. Just enough to get to know each other, have a chat and do a spot of shopping. Whilst at the same time leaving the afternoon free for regular weekend chores!

Whether you live in a city or are simply visiting, hot local shopping tips can always come in handy. This is exactly what my most recent shopping trip was all about.

In summary we’re talking about a super interesting jewellery store where you’ll find unique pieces and other arty items. A little shop in Zurich’s old town filled with fabulous Swiss designers and other brands at reduced prices due to the collections being last seasons. Last but not least a lovely Zurich designer who has a fabulous collection of contemporary designs.

Keep reading to find out more about our Zurich shopping trip – 3 hot local tips.


Zurich Shopping Trip – 3 Hot Local Tips!

1. mazal

mazal herself is the owner of the unique boutique at Hottingerstrasse 6 in Zurich, designed with great passion and love for details. Her gallery stands for jewelry, fashion accessories, and lifestyle of unique design, quality and style.

Her collections are made up pieces she finds whilst travelling the world. Mazal certainly has a keen eye for spotting fabulous unusual objects and pieces of jewellery.

In her own words:

“Her goal is to offer her customers more than just a piece of jewelry – shopping at mazal is a real experience!”

I love dropping by and having a chat about her latest finds and travel experiences.


2. Mary Jane

Owned by lovely Manuela, Mary Jane is located in Neumarkt 21, 8001 Zürich.

This has got to be one of Zurich secret spots for finding a great bargain. Here you will find carefully selected second season and current collection, new designer pieces at reduced prices. Mostly local/ Swiss designers.

Each time I visit her there is a whole new wonderful palette of things to choose from.

Examples of designers you will find in the store:

Collection 66, Aleksandra Wisniewska collection, Ida Gut, Stefi Talman, Kazu, Klaesi Holdener, Bobyperu, Griesbach, Caroline Flueler, Jeva Projects, Franziska Luethy, Iris Delruby Ruprecht.


3. paradis des innocents

Owned by designer Stefania, paradis des innocents is located at Oeten­bachgasse 7
8001 Zürich. Just a few minutes walk from Zurich’s Bahnhofstr.

Her concept is to design contemporary clothing which make people notice the wearer in a very discrete way. The idea is to make the woman not the label stand out.

When you wear a piece of paradis des innocents you should be making a statement about yourself not the brand!

Lovely fabrics are used for every piece and extra care is taken that they are produced under fair trade.

I love going into the store and putting together an outfit that simply feels like me.  These are the clothes you have to try on and play with to really get a feel for them. Once you have a piece though you can’t help going back for more.

I Wass wearing paradis des innocents whilst on the shopping trip:

The skirt comes in a one sized tube, you try it on and then decide where you would like the pleats. Then it is completed and very easily a totally unique piece is created for you alone!


FunkyForty  will be having more shopping adventure tours going forward. If you wish to join simply write to me at yvonne@funkyforty.com.


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