Zurich Shopping off the beaten track


I think it’s only natural to focus on a city’s centre when shopping and yet especially in Zurich there is so much to see just a little off the beaten track – take Josefstrasse for example.

It doesn’t look like much from the naked eye but take a walk down and you will be surprised at what you will find. Starting from Zurich main station and walking towards Langstrasse here are just a few of the wonderful treats to find:

1.  For interior design and accessories:DSC_0001_Fotor DSC_0002_Fotor

2. For locally designed garments – perfect for finding “the” party dressDSC_0010_Fotor

3. einzigart for the perfect nick nack

4. Manu Propria – the perfect glasses – for opportunity of CHF 150 “Gutschein” see here


5. For individually designed clothing and accessories – the place you are sure to find something original!


6. The clothing shop with a conscience


7. For the best Paninnis in the whole of Zurich and the perfect way to round off your shopping trip:


Why not try it out tomorrow!

Have fun.


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